All Your Documents on All Your Devices. With Liferay Sync, say goodbye to USB keys, FTPs and email attachments.
These days there are too many way to store and share your files. With Liferay Sync, users can stop worrying about whether they have the latest version and where they put it. Sync transforms the Liferay platform into a central, easy-to-use document sharing service, giving you access to files both online and offline. Full revision control and automatic synchronization across desktop and mobile environments keeps users—and the company—happy.

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Sharing should be simple.

Keeping documents synchronized and up to date is a no-brainer with Liferay Sync, which is designed to work seamlessly in the background. Sync keeps track of changes you make to documents on your desktop, mobile, and online browser-based environments, and creates a new revision for each update. You can manage your documents from your desktop, then take them to go on your mobile devices, and your colleagues will be kept in sync via the remote Liferay server.

Keep your team in Sync.

Sync also works for teams, so that all members of a Liferay Site have access to the latest documents and all prior revisions. Sync can be configured for multiple Sites in Liferay* and has no storage limits.

*With Liferay Enterprise Edition.

Now, being offline doesn't mean being disconnected.

Another benefit of Liferay Sync is the ability to take your documents with you when you disconnect. You can go offline for a few hours to work on that big presentation. The document will synchronize once you go back online and automatically update for everyone else, too.