More Ways to Get Working. Liferay makes it easy for end users to build
simple apps to support their day to day work.
With ever-increasing demand for new applications, it's easy for a company to get bottlenecked by a shortage of software developers. But with Liferay 6.1's new Data Lists, Forms, and Workflow Designer, business users can build their own straightforward applications to model business processes online. Developers are happier being able to focus on more critical technical work, and business users get the solutions they need today.

Learn more about the Kaleo Workflow and Form Designers for Liferay

Take your business processes onlineā€”in no time.

Give users the power to take business processes online with Liferay 6.1's new Business Productivity Tools. Using Liferay's Data Lists, Forms and Workflow Designer, users can create applications to collect information that, once submitted, kick off a custom workflow to take that information through each step of your business process, including role-based approvals, adding comments, and sending back for re-submission. These applications can range from creating a simple RSVP for the office holiday party, to making a Vacation Request application for HR, to building an entire Inventory Management system.

Make files meaningful with Liferay Document Types.

One of the most important aspects of designing business applications is ensuring that users can easily relate objects in the system to what they represent in the real world. With Liferay 6.1, we've empowered business users to do that. So documents can be enhanced with meta-data to represent real world analogues like Sales Quotes, RFPs, or Functional Requirements, and lists can represent things like Inventory, Attendees, or Product Offerings. And all this can be accomplished without writing a single line of code.

Drag-n-drop your workflow into place.

This video gives an overview of the new Workflow Designer in Liferay 6.1.

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