Your One-Stop Document Destination. Pull in documents from across the enterprise with Liferay Portal.
Users can get all their documents at their desktop or on-the-go.
Use Liferay as the first and last place to go to for document management. Give your users access to their documents from the web, desktop, or mobile devices—for all of your repositories.

Learn how to mount multiple repositories in Liferay

Document management, simplified.

With more options than ever for document management, today’s enterprises need something to bring it all together. Liferay hides the complexity of multiple repositories and provides a single intuitive interface to manage, edit, and access documents. And with user roles and permissions you can make sure to get the right documents in front of the right people.

If you’re just getting started with document management, Liferay’s built-in repository means you won’t need to invest in a third-party system at all. If you have existing repositories such as Documentum, FileNet, Nuxeo, or Alfresco, Liferay’s CMIS-based integration will bring your repositories together under one unified, intuitive interface.

Any device, any destination.

Need to deliver documents on the go or at the office? Liferay Sync keeps documents updated for your users so they can be sure to have the latest Sales deck, product guide, or revenue report with them—whether on their laptop, desktop, or smartphone.

And being part of the Liferay platform means it’s also easy for users to publish documents to websites or share them on teamsites. Document revisions are logged so multiple users can edit at the same time.

Add meaning to your documents.

Documents are often the backbone of a company’s core business processes. That’s why Liferay’s new Document Types feature allows business users to enhance files with information about what they represent. For example, a Budget Proposal can be enhanced with fields for the Approver, Department, and Fiscal Quarter—without writing additional code. Then users can define workflows that reflect approval or publication processes to move the document along.