Ready to Go. From day one, you’re well on your way with Liferay Portal.
Using Liferay as your application platform means you won't have to start from scratch. Liferay includes most of the major capabilities you need to build today's most sophisticated web applications. Features like workflow, web content management (WCM), collaboration, social, and much more are included out of the box, keeping your project on time and under budget—without sacrificing quality or innovation.

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Fully functional in a week? We can do that.

When you start with Liferay, we do the heavy lifting for you. Liferay's robust portal platform takes care of fundamentals like identity management, SSO, security, and roles. With our easy-to-use Sites and Pages, you can click and drag elements into place to quickly create a fully functional shared workspace or public website in a matter of days.

And for an even faster solution for social collaboration, check out Social Office, Liferay's solution for team workspaces that can be installed as an application on the Liferay platform.

Yes, Liferay can do that too.

From shared workspaces and intranets to websites and social communities, Liferay's done a lot of things for a lot of people. Our users often start with one use case and leverage our product's modularity to extend it over time and evolve with the needs of the organization.

We’re built for speed.

Our customers get up and running in no time with Liferay. One leading automaker turned to us and got a working solution in just six months. This was after struggling with IBM WebSphere for 18 months and abandoning the product due to difficulty in use, heavy costs and administrative overhead. When time is your most valuable asset, rest assured that Liferay's lightweight, flexible platform is built with your need for speed in mind.

Accelerate time to market: With Liferay, you'll get to production more quickly.