Get the Most Out of Open Source. With Liferay’s Enterprise Edition, you’ll work with a team
that’s as reliable and secure as our software.
With Enterprise Edition, get the peace of mind that comes from knowing a global team of experts is standing by with a service level agreement. Maximize your investment by benefiting from sharing support costs across thousands of Liferay customers, with fix packs, service packs, and major updates available for all subscribers.

Learn how Liferay EE adds value to open source

Get economies of scale with EE.

Getting the most of out of open source means being savvy with the extra budget that it frees up. Hiring your own developers or a third party to provide maintenance only gives you linear output for your investment. Subscribe to Enterprise Edition and you'll gain access to the work of a hundred Liferay engineers and the maintenance updates we've built for over a thousand customers, at a fraction of the cost of doing it yourself. Dollar for dollar you'll get more value out of EE because our efforts are multiplied across the entire ecosystem.

Build a relationship with us.

Becoming a customer also means having a formal relationship with Liferay as your software vendor. Our international support team will be just a phone call away with up to 24-7 phone support to assist you with your issues. We'll also stay in touch to ensure you're following best practices, help you understand Liferay's full capabilities, and understand your requirements for future features.

Enjoy a five-year maintenance commitment.

With Liferay being used to power business-critical applications in large enterprises, we understand the need for long-term support options. With Enterprise Edition, Liferay customers can count on up to five years of maintenance updates for our product versions after the first ship date, giving you flexibility for keeping your applications stable in production.