Hit All the Right Marks. Liferay fulfills your IT checklist with ease.
As an IT professional, it's hard to find a product that meets your high standards for dependability while cutting down on your operational costs. Meet Liferay. We've designed our platform to fit seamlessly into any existing IT environment with a commitment to performance, compatibility and reusability.

High performance is one reason why IT loves Liferay. Learn more

Use what you have.

There is no need to disrupt operations or change your team to work with a new application. Liferay works on all major application servers, databases and operating systems to eliminate new spending on infrastructure or staff.

Work with what you like.

Our goal is to help you work, not limit how you work with our technology. Liferay easily integrates with products like Documentum, Microsoft® Office, Alfresco, Intalio, JasperSoft, Magnolia, MuleSource, Pentaho, Terracotta, and more.

Sleep better at night.

We know that an IT team is only as strong as its system's security and reliability. That's why Liferay uses industry-standard, government-grade encryption technologies that has led us to provide one of the most secure portal platforms in the industry. Our platform is configured uniquely for enterprise environments that need support for redundancy and load balancing, which means you get maximum up time out of your solution.