Ready to Grow. Liferay keeps pace with the growth of your business.
Your organization constantly faces new challenges and opportunities, which means your business priorities and goals have to evolve to keep up. The same is true for the enterprise software supporting your business. That's why Liferay is designed to give you runway to evolve your applications and websites over time. Of course you get immediate functionality out-of-the-box, but unlike other packaged solutions, Liferay is a platform that's flexible and extensible to move with your business.

Learn how to customize Liferay following best practices

Designed to scale from department to enterprise.

A lot of innovation happening in enterprises today starts from a single department or individual finding new solutions like Liferay that drive innovation or increase efficiency in the organization. But when it comes to rolling things out enterprise-wide, those same solutions falter because they’re not designed to scale. The beauty of the Liferay platform is that its designed as a unifying foundation for limitless applications and sites. That means you can start with a small intranet for your sales team, add a public website, then create a customer portal, leveraging a single underlying framework for user profiles and enterprise assets. When each application is proven a success, it can be quickly rolled out to all business units.

With Liferay, you get the best of a packaged solution and a flexible platform in a single product.

Support for standards: Liferay supports major open standards, making it easy to integrate with other systems.

Helping you keep your options Open.

Liferay’s commitment to supporting open standards is more than a philosophical choice: it means your applications will have more options for future expansion and integration. Beyond support for major industry standards like OpenID, CMIS, and the JSR specifications, Liferay also provides public APIs and generated services to make it easy to call business logic through web services (SOAP), JSON, RMI, and RMI over HTTP.

We’re also committed to making it easy to custom-fit Liferay to your business. We’ve invested in a sophisticated plug-in architecture that lets you change Liferay to your specific requirements while isolating customizations to separate pluggable modules. When it comes time to upgrade, the experience will be smooth and swift.

Limitless possibilities with the Liferay Marketplace.

Sometimes your requirements for integration or new enterprise capabilities have already been met by a third-party application—you just need to find the right one. With the Liferay Marketplace, browse a catalog of enterprise applications and third-party integrations and drop them right into your Liferay environment. Recommendations and ratings from other users will help you decide on the right option for you, and Liferay’s application management control panel will help you manage and deploy your new application enterprise-wide.