Work Together, Better. Make teamwork seamless with Liferay Portal’s
social collaboration and document management features.
People are at the center of your enterprise, and portals have always been about connecting people with information and applications. But Liferay goes beyond simple personalization by connecting people with each other, helping teams share information and work together online. Liferay Portal includes essential social collaboration tools to keep your people on the same page. Our built-in social framework gives users personal profiles and the ability to track activities and make connections online. And a portal-wide workflow framework pulls everything together into predictable business processes.

Learn about Liferay's features that help teams work better together

Collaboration 101 and more.

Blogs, wikis, message boards, chat--get your collaboration essentials free with your Liferay Portal. It's all bundled in there so that your team can start collaborating and sharing information right off the bat.

What's more, Liferay offers integration with SharePoint so users can access, share, and collaborate with their Microsoft Office® files as well. Docs on their local drives can be automatically uploaded to the cloud in a Liferay document repository. And since assets published in Liferay can be pushed into an approval workflow, users have control over what is shared before their docs are made available to others.

Empower the team.

Help teams to work better by allowing them to define their own workflows based on the business requirements and operational needs unique to them. This way, those who know best determine what needs to happen to get (and keep) everyone moving in the same direction.

Get people working together and in parallel.

Make sure productivity is maximized whenever possible. Liferay allows teams to work together but also in parallel on the same projects. For example, multiple people can work on different variations of a Liferay site at the same time, scheduled with different publish dates. Meanwhile, your documents can be synced, locked, and viewed by multiple people from multiple devices.