Creating Enterprise Apps Just Got Easier. With Liferay as a foundation, developing
new applications has never been so simple.
Applications are at the heart of our day-to-day work experience, so it's important to choose the right platform for building them. With Liferay, you can create websites, online communities, and enterprise apps more quickly and easily than ever before. With all the key user management, content authoring, and collaboration capabilities built-in, and a solid underlying enterprise infrastructure, Liferay gives you more than a head start—it takes you 80% of the way to finished.

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Start at 80%.

All modern enterprise applications require key fundamentals, and with limited time and budget you can't afford to build from scratch. Liferay's combined portal, content, and social collaboration platform gives you 80% of what you need to build your next web application. And don't sweat the enterprise requirements: Liferay takes care of user profiles, site creation, web services, enterprise integration, and production-ready scalability.

Everything you need: Liferay ships with web content, document management, social collaboration, workflow, and other key features you need to get started.

Build with the right tools.

The right tools make all the difference. You'll finish writing your application a lot more quickly when you let Liferay IDE take care of details like app server deployment and creating new plug-ins, themes, and portlets. And Liferay Service Builder gives you easy access to advanced web services like SOAP, REST, RSS and JSON to connect to all kinds of systems and the web.

Production ready for all environments.

Enjoy a stress-free deployment after all your development is done. Because Liferay works with nearly every app server, database, and operating system out there, you won't need to worry about spending on new IT or staff just to get your applications running.

Hassle-free deployment: Liferay works on all major infrastructure from IBM, JBoss, Microsoft, MySQL, Oracle, and more.