Liferay Portlet Sandbox

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Liferay Portlet Sandboxing helps maintain your portal's resiliency, while allowing you to experiment with deploying new portlets. It allows you to run the new portlets in their own container (or "sandbox"), reducing any adverse impact they may have on the health and stability of your portal. The app lets you create sandboxes to run portlets in separate JVMs, freeing your portal's JVM from the resource consumption of those portlets.

The app's SPI Administration link will appear in the Configuration section of the Control Panel once installed.

Latest Changes
  • LPS-44829 Started SPI does not shut down properly upon shutdown of appserver
  • LPS-45092 Source Format dataType and methods object property values
  • LPS-46730 Implement Groovy scripting into build tasks
  • LPS-46819 add UI to configure SPI portal properties
  • LPS-46836 A user is unable to view the SPI actions of an item that is already starting when the page loads
  • SOS-2228 Untranslated social office plugin titles

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