Liferay Calendar

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  • Labs: This app is experimental and not supported by the developer.

Liferay's Calendar app allows users and organizations to create, track, share, and manage events. In addition, the Calendar app supports notifications, integration with Social Office, and staging. As a user, you can create as many calendars as you need. As an administrator, you are able to manage the scheduling of Calendar Resources such as rooms and projectors. All content from the old Calendar portlet is automatically imported into this new application.

In Liferay 7.1, this app is installed by default and updated through Liferay DXP Fix Packs and Liferay Portal CE GA releases. Using Liferay Marketplace to update the app on Liferay 7.1 will cause an error.

Latest Changes
  • LPS-100980 Calendar event as-you-type filtering of invitation suggestions doesn't work
  • LPS-101089 Remove wrong @ProviderType usages
  • LPS-101208 Fix ServiceBuilder javadoc missing *
  • LPS-102817 Service Builder finder results are not sorted consistently
  • LPS-103068 Text of range_comment.ftl file is not correct, "ORDER BY" clause is always added to SQL query
  • LPS-103302 Use ListUtil.fromArray instead of ListUtil.toList
  • LPS-84119 SourceFormatter improvements
  • LPS-85765 Create a jar that includes all "*-api" portal jars
  • LPS-86806 Create Java Parser
  • LPS-90008 Exceptions incorrectly logged when operator NOT is used in a statement

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