Liferay Calendar

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  • Labs: This app is experimental and not supported by the developer.

Liferay's Calendar app allows users and organizations to create, track, share, and manage events. In addition, the Calendar app supports notifications, integration with Social Office, and staging. As a user, you can create as many calendars as you need. As an administrator, you are able to manage the scheduling of Calendar Resources such as rooms and projectors. All content from the old Calendar portlet is automatically imported into this new application.

In Liferay 7.1, this app is installed by default and updated through Liferay DXP Fix Packs and Liferay Portal CE GA releases. Using Liferay Marketplace to update the app on Liferay 7.1 will cause an error.

Latest Changes
  • LPS-81169 Calendar name lost when user's language is different from site language
  • LPS-84119 SourceFormatter improvements
  • LPS-85419 Web content comments subscriber recevices an email after update of the web content
  • LPS-95604 Unnecessary modal appears after resizing screen
  • LPS-95658 Calendar: not possible to only show current day's events in agenda view
  • LPS-96018 Optimize Proxy creation
  • LPS-96448 Exported ics file from calendar does not contain timezone information
  • LPS-96450 Calendar event gets duplicated after import ics file
  • LPS-96481 Turn on disabled Source Formatter checks and apply across private repos and subrepos
  • LPS-96589 Restore and Delete actions are shown to user without proper permissions when viewing the Recycle Bin
  • LPS-96830 Avoid initialization of _escapedModelProxyProviderFunction when not needed
  • LPS-97169 Deprecated CompanyProvider and remove its usages
  • LPS-97438 Calendar date display is not in correct Japanese format.
  • LPS-97984 Calendar Portlet init-ext.jsp is not included by init.jsp
  • LPS-98525 CalendarBooking updates causes deletion and creation of Child Bookings
  • LPS-98776 Calendar: "CalendarResource" table is updated for each login
  • LPS-99154 Subject of email notifications for calendar event invitations display escaped special characters
  • LPS-99213 Revert the issues LPS-85419, LPS-96603, LPS-96209 in 7.1.x to be scheduled in next service pack
  • LPS-99238 Even if a user does not have "Calendar > Calendar: Permissions", "Permissions" button is displayed for "Edi...
  • LPS-99252 Change retrieveFromCache persistence variable to useFinderCache
  • LPS-99385 CalendarFacetedSearcherTest breaks due to Calendarpermission checking changes

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