Speakers will include the Liferay Leadership Team, Liferay Partners, and special guests from the Liferay Community.  

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Liferay Leadership

Bryan Cheung, Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Bryan Cheung steers Liferay's strategic direction and worldwide business development efforts as one of the founders serving with the company since its inception in 2004. With technical experience to balance a strong commitment to end user experience, Bryan leads Liferay in meeting its commitment to deliver focused and effective business solutions to its customers and its community. Most recently, Bryan divides his time between Liferay's US and European headquarters and oversees Liferay's continued growth in its two largest markets. Bryan graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with a bachelor's degree in Computer Science.


Featured Speakers

Joseph Shum, Director Operations Europe, Liferay Inc.

Joseph Shum was one of the earliest members of the Liferay team, joining the company in 2005 as a software engineer and architect in the professional services division. After working closely with clients and partners at companies like Intuit and Napster, Joseph's skills were redirected to building Liferay's international alliance program and assisting Liferay's partners to build successful solutions for customers.

Most recently, Joseph has been serving as General Manager of Liferay GmbH, Liferay's headquarters for the European market. In his new role, Joseph oversees the day-to-day operations of Liferay's second largest business unit, as well as overall sales and customer relationships throughout the European market. He holds a degree in Software Engineering from Lakehead University in Canada.

Marcin Kierdelewicz, Alliance Manager Europe, Liferay Germany

Marcin Kierdelewicz  is Liferay's Alliance Manager for Europe. With 15 years of international experience in open source, Marcin joined Liferay to build mutual, profitable relationships with customers and partners across Europe. Marcin holds a Masters Degree in Economics.

Olaf Kock, Senior Consultant, Liferay Germany

Olaf Kock, After being an active part of the Liferay community for two and a half years, Olaf Kock has joined Liferay GmbH as a Technical Consultant and Trainer. After several years of software development experience in various, mostly server-side projects, Olaf now supports client teams in the architecture, implementation and development of solutions using Liferay Portal.

Mika Koivisto, Senior Software Engineer, Liferay, Inc

Mika Koivisto joined Liferay GmbH as Senior Consultant and trainer in April 2009 after being active community member for over 4 years. Now he works as a core engineer from Liferay HQ in Los Angeles, California. He has over 12 years of software engineering experience as a developer, consultant and software architect. His speciality is in backends and integrations.

Juan Fernandez, Liferay Core Developer, Liferay Spain

Juan Fernández joined Liferay Spain as a core engineer in its engineering center of Madrid after being a Liferay consultant and an active member of the Liferay community. He had previous experience in Liferay development, integration, customization, implementation, and offering consultancy services to customers. His mission in Liferay is to improve the core with new functionality and offer high quality consulting services all around the world.
Juan holds a master's degree in Software Engineering from the University of Seville, Spain.

Ruud Kluivers, Senior Manager Business Development, Benelux, Liferay GmbH

Ruud Kluivers joined Liferay in February 2012 as a Senior Manager Business Solutions for the Benelux region in Europe. He has 20+ years of experience in pan-European publishing industry. He supports businesses to get the most value out of their IT investments by focusing on innovation and is strong on vision and strategy without losing touch with reality. During his career he initiated and managed multiple online business implementation and change projects. He knows from experience operating at the intersection of business and technology is one of the most rewarding and exciting areas in organizations. Having managed portal projects with IBM, BEA (Oracle) and Liferay he is no stranger to portal technology.

Henri Leisma, Senior Software Developer, Ambientia

Henri Leisma works as a Senior Software Developer at one of the Portals and Integrations teams in Ambientia. He has fifteen years of experience with Linux and Open Source Software and a decade in software development. His daily work includes design, implementation and testing of portlet applications and making the platform meet customer needs. His personal interest is more on the backend-side of implementations and to make good use of Liferay features and other underlying technologies. Henri holds a Masters Degree in Computer Science from the University of Eastern Finland.

Max Zomborszki Head of IT, Friskis&Svettis

Max Zomborszki is the head of IT at Friskis&Svettis Riks and in charge of administration of the courses for new leaders and instructors at Friskis&Svettis.
Friskis&Svettis Riks is the umbrella organization for the Friskis&Svettis member associations with more than 538 000 members and 16 370 volunteers. The Friskis&Svettis associations are non-profit sports organizations a common mission, to let as many people as possible experience training where a simple smile is the goal.

Joakim de Leeuw, CEO, Hornbill AB

Joakim de Leeuw comes from a long background in the banking world, and has over ten years of experience as an online banking executive. He has held positions as Head of the Internet Department at SEB, Innovation Manager at SEB and Head of the Internet Department of Avanza Bank.
Joakim has a strong focus on digital possibilities, user experience and adopted business models. As head of the Internet Department at Avanza Bank 2009-2011, he lead the crowdsourcing initive Avanza Labs with the aim to involve customers when building the new Online Bank. In 2011, based on experiences from the Avanza Labs project and with the insight that customers expect to be increasingly involved in the business and product development process, Joakim founded the management consultancy firm Hornbill. The key idea behind the company is that few organizations have tools or methods to embrace crowdsourcing, and they need support to get started.

Erik Andersson, Co-Founder, Monator Technologies

Erik Andersson is a co-founder of the Swedish Liferay partner Monator Technologies. He is an experienced Liferay developer and a certified Liferay trainer with a focus geared towards frontend development. With more than 10 years of experience, Erik leads UI-development at Monator.

Ali Albayrak, Development Director, Publishing House Koivuniemi

Ali Albayrak, MSc, has studied Computer Science and Industrial Management in  Helsinki University and Helsinki University of Technology (today Aalto University) in Finland. He has worked over 15 years on electronic commerce, supply chain integration and e-government solutions. Together with his team he has no doubt been one of the earliest serious adaptors of the Liferay technology in Finnish IT business (the first Liferay project was delivered in 2007).

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