What are we looking for?

We're looking for thought-provoking, eye-opening sessions that showcase interesting ways you've used the Liferay Platform to meet your business needs. If you've got an illuminating story, useful lessons learned, or noteworthy insights, we want to hear from you!

Please read the following before submitting a paper idea!

Types of Sessions
Paper Categories 

What kind of sessions will there be?

There will be four types of sessions:

  • Discussion topic with slides (35 minutes)
    • In this format, the speaker will spend approximately 45 minutes presenting a topic, along with interactive Q&A. This is a traditional presentation format, and should include visual slides. Go for this 45 minute session if you're a high-impact presenter who can give a stellar 30-minute talk and then take questions for 15 minutes.
  • Discussion + Demo (35 minutes)
    • This format is similar to the traditional format, but it is expected that most of the time will be spent showing working demos related to the topic. If time permits, a Q&A session is also suggested (it could also be encouraged during the presentation)
  • Lightning Talks (5 to 7 minutes)
    • If you want people to know about your amazing idea, plugin, site and Liferay-related implementations, but it's not filling up a full slot of 45 minutes, then Lightning Talks are for you: 5 to 7 minutes each with a hard limit. Use this to get your idea known to a broad audience. It's your 5 minutes of fame - use them to your advantage.

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Paper Categories

This year's theme is The Liferay Platform. Liferay is the leading open source Portal, used for a wide range of solutions. Last year's release of the Liferay 6 platform and developer environment has enabled our customers, partners, and the wider community to expand the Liferay presence throughout the enterprise. With a solid architecture, flexible deployment options, advanced social networking services, and a growing marketplace for extensions, Liferay is becoming the de facto standard for enterprise web development. This year's symposium focuses on that expansion, with session topics that address the expanded role of the Liferay Platform as a basis for the next generation of web applications and services.

A few possibilities for this year's event, in no particular order, include:

  • Integration
    • Integration Case Studies
    • Streamlining Business Processes with Liferay
    • Integrating with Sharepoint
  • User Experience
    • Mobile Liferay
    • Rich User Interface
    • Accessibility and Internationalization
  • Core Liferay
    • Architecture
    • Features
    • QA/Test Strategies
    • Social Enablement
    • Backend Integrations (SSO, Identity, Authentication, Authorization, Database)
    • Scalability/Sizing
    • High Availability
    • Effective Monitoring and Measuring Developer
  • Liferay Tooling
    • Rapid App Development
    • Development Methodologies
  • Administration
    • Managing complex topologies
    • Monitoring Liferay
    • Keeping Up To Date
  • Community
    • Fostering Growth
    • Open Source
    • Driving de facto standards with Liferay
    • Marketplace
  • Innovations In...
    • Social / Collaboration
    • SaaS
    • Cloud Deployments
    • Semantic Web
    • Composite apps


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Nordic Symposium 2012
April 25, 2012

CFP Speaker Selections
Announced April 4, 2012

Stockholm, Sweden

Early Bird: €149
(ends Mar. 28)

Standard: €199
(ends Apr. 24)

Late/Onsite: €249



For press and media-related inquiries, contact Liferay's Public Relations team

If you have questions about the Nordic Symposium 2012 or need help registering, please email events-de@liferay.com.

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