Liferay Community Projects

Projects driven by Liferay's Community.

By the community. For the community.

Continuing in the tradition of open source and open platforms, Liferay Community Projects offer new and established projects a place to evangelize and collaborate on significant open source on the Liferay Platform.

While official Liferay Projects are sponsored and driven primarily by Liferay itself, these projects spring from the innovative and creative minds of our global community.  Read below to find out how to start your own Liferay Community Project!

Starting your own Liferay Community Project

Do you have a great idea for an open source community project centered around the Liferay Platform?  Have you already developed an initial version of your project, but wish to expand the scope and attract new contributions from our ever-growing community?  You can get started with a new project today by visiting the new project proposals page and submitting your idea.

Liferay Community Project Listing

JRebel/Liferay Integration Project

This project is aimed to develop a plugin for JRebel with the following goals: Full support of Liferay theme framework (allow the user to edit all static files in the IDE), full support of Liferay hook framework (allow any changes in any type of hook to be automatically reflected in the portal), and full support of instance changes made in plugin descriptors (portlet.xml,liferay-hook.xml...)

Liferay & Facebook Integration

More and more often, every virtual entity also has a Facebook page (companies, communities, bands...). Facebook pages are very limited and people also need another website (for example, one built in Liferay) but then you have some staff in your website, some staff in Liferay... and your users may not know where to go. This project wants to provide the mechanims to make Liferay integration with a Facebook page easier.


Arkadiko is an attempt to provide an new migration option for Spring-based large projects like Liferay to move to OSGi, by providing an easy bridge between OSGi and Spring.

Project Learn

Project Learn aims to create eLearning tools for the Liferay Portal Platform. Liferay has vast potential to support various learning activities in educational institutions and other settings, such as in corporate training. Project Learn covers developing an eLearning portlet family based on the SCORM standard, including SCORM player, SCORM Quiz editor, and a gradebook portlet.