Why Develop Apps for the Liferay Marketplace?

Hundreds of developers are already on board. What's in it for you?

500,000+ Deployments Worldwide
  • Instant access to a proven platform with a robust base of enterprise and community installations
Faster Time-to-market
  • Payment processing, sales tax/VAT collection, license management, financial/performance metrics... Liferay does it all for you so you can focus on making great apps!
  • Easy to use IDE and free Liferay EE Developer License to facilitate app development and testing
Product Offering Flexibility
Increased Exposure
  • Leverage the Marketplace to source leads and drive visibility
Case Study 1- Generate Leads
"Partner X" is a Platinum Level Liferay Partner that focuses on enterprise technology solutions and services. Partner X has been operating for 20 years and currently has over 150 employees in the US.
  • Partner X developed a number of free apps in the Marketplace to increase exposure and showcase its capabilities.
  • As a result, one of Partner X's highest lead-generating channels is the Liferay Marketplace.
Case Study 2- Increase Visibility

Several of our developer partners have had their apps featured in the Liferay Marketplace, helping to increase visibility and app downloads:

* Data represents comparison of average weekly downloads and views across 17 apps before and after appearing in the Marketplace "Featured Apps" section.


What is a Paid App Developer Account?

A Paid App Developer Account enables the developer to submit paid apps to the Liferay Marketplace for sale to customers globally. It allows the developer to monetize the benefits of the Marketplace and the Liferay distribution channel. The best part is, you can upgrade to a Paid Developer Account if and when you are ready to submit a paid app to the Marketplace!
  • No cost to register as a Marketplace developer
  • Distribute free apps on the Marketplace
  • Access to developer-only resources (e.g. Developer Portal, Liferay IDE, Liferay Developer License)
  • Participate in Marketplace promotions
When you're ready to submit a paid app to the Marketplace:
  1. Agree to the Developer Agreement
  2. Pay $99 annual fee
  3. Submit relevant tax documents (eg., W-9, W-8BEN) to receive payments
  4. Enter Paypal info to receive payments (Paypal account must be a Verified Business Account)
  • Upgrade when you're ready: only pay annual fee at time of paid app submission
  • Offer paid licensing/support for your apps
  • Receive 80% of app sales proceeds
  • Access to detailed transaction history
  • Paid apps customer management
  • All the benefits of a Basic Developer Account