TripWire DXP

TripWire monitors the OSGi resources of a Liferay application server.

In a standalone Liferay DXP-based installation, TripWire reports on OSGi bundle status, versions and service status changes in addition to portal and system properties, acting as a monitor for unintended or unauthorized changes. It will notify when any monitored value changes so administrators will know when some aspect of the portal has been changed.

In a cluster-based Liferay DXP installation, TripWire monitors the same but reports on differences between the nodes in the cluster, ensuring the entire cluster is in sync across all aspects of the OSGi environment and promoting stability in the Liferay DXP cluster. Administrators will know when one or more nodes are out of sync in the cluster and will be able to bring the nodes back in sync.

In case of unauthorized change or deployment, administrators will be notified and can take action to undo the change, revert the deployment or capture a new baseline snapshot to accept the change.

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