Reorder Repeatable Structure Field Content

  • Currently “Repeatable: true” enables content writers to add numerous content as per their requirements. The problem arises when you want to re-order these components while “Add or Remove” functions.
  • As of now, users do not have this functionality and content editors face significant challenges to get things done rapidly.
  • Reorder Repeatable Structure Field Content is an absolute solution that allows users to re-order content on the go.
  • Once added, this component allows users to modify and re-order content with UP and DOWN arrows to Add or Remove content fields as per their requirements.

How to Configure:
Step 1: Paste the War file in deploy folder on Tomcat Server
Step 2: Add or Remove any repeatable component by click on (+) and (-) Button to add or remove any repeatable content.
Step 3: You will be able to see Up and Down Arrow keys on the left side of (+) and (-) Button and you can move Up and Down any content by clicking them.

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