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Apps and Features: Application Display Templates, Asset Publisher, Breadcrumb, Categories, Google Analytics, IFrame, Language, Navigation, Recycle Bin, Related Content, RSS, Search, Site and Page Templates, Sitemap, Sites Directory, Tags, Web Content, XSL Content

The Web Experience suite provides features that help create, manage, and track content. The Web Content app lets you express your ideas and plans by creating dynamic content that can be structured to fit a specific design. You can also use templates to design web content for an appealing look and feel. Templates can be used in other realms of Liferay besides web content too. Site and Page Templates let you reproduce sites and pages that have been organized to address specific needs. Application Display Templates are another type of Liferay template that lets you develop the look and feel of applications. The IFrame and XSL Content apps let you create other forms of content by embedding HTML and XSL content on a site page.

As administrators create content, organization is critical to keeping things tidy in your site. The suite's Tags and Categories apps lets you organize your web content to follow an organizational hierarchy. These organizational apps also aid with Liferay's Search app, which you can utilize to dynamically search content you've created. The suite's Navigation, Breadcrumb, Sitemap, and Sites Directory apps aid in Liferay's organizational structure, providing a top level view of sites and their pages that have been created. To promote content in an organized way, the Asset Publisher and Related Assets apps broadcast assets and their related information. Inevitably, some content you create becomes stale and requires removal; the Recycle Bin app lets you delete content, with the option to restore that content.

As a site accumulates content, administrators should have a way to easily track their content. The Google Analytics app allows the use of Google's tool set for analyzing site traffic data. The suite's RSS app provides a web feed used to publish updated works such as blog entries and news articles. The suite's Language app provides a way to change Liferay's language to cater to your site's international audience. This suite's content creation and organization focus lets site administrators develop dynamic content, organize content for easy managing, and track content for ideas to better improve the content creation process in the future.

This suite may contain modules that depend on Foundation suite modules. This suite is available in the Liferay bundle.

Latest Changes
  • LPS-52675 Ensure all Liferay exceptions are processed correctly
  • LPS-61099 As a developer, I would like to split the modules dir in separate repositories and have the ability to buil...
  • LPS-61420 SF Improvements
  • LPS-64031 Rename app suites
  • LPS-64277 Convert Knowledge Base to OSGi modules to increase its stability, maintainability and extensibility
  • LPS-64383 Methods are missing for kernel bridges of modules
  • LPS-64809 Panels like Product menu or Add panel are not browsable by using keyboard
  • LPS-65012 Move all private packages inside an "internal" package
  • LPS-65135 Use Objects.equals(Object, Object) instead of Validator.equals(Object, Object)
  • LPS-65225 Simplify the modules excludes/includes and make it so that we use a marker file
  • LPS-65240 Stopping certain modules makes the portal behave incorrectly
  • LPS-65362 BND files contain incorrect Bundle-Name and Bundle-SymbolicName
  • LPS-65486 Search result snippet for Web Content is not a snippet
  • LPS-65534 property not specified in some WCM portlets
  • LPS-65660 Save button is not visible in configuration iFrames on mobile
  • LPS-65810 As a developer, I would like to remove wildcards in Export-Package and explicitly declare the exported pack...
  • LPS-66853 SourceFormatter Improvements
  • LPS-66974 Create PortletURL by Layout rather than plid whenever possible to gain performance
  • LPS-67352 As a developer, I would like the source formatter to integrate checkstyle
  • LPS-67430 Cannot access to request parameters through the request variable in ADT
  • LPS-67455 Web Content Search portlet return to full page link shows maximized portlet
  • LPS-68062 For modules, the deprecated version should refer to the module version, not the portal version
  • LPS-69604 After clicking "back" from a search in the Web Content Search Portlet, searching in any other portlet bring...
  • LPS-69661 Stop using ***Util in modules, use service reference directly instead
  • LPS-70739 Apply ModelAdapterUtil to PortletDisplayTemplateManager to avoid duplicated service calls
  • LPS-72081 Avoid needless NoSuchGroupExceptions in PortletDisplayTemplateImpl.getDDMTemplateGroupId()
  • LPS-72095 Staged Site Map ADT configuration is not published at remote staging
  • LPS-72287 JournalContentSearch table has incorrect portletIds after upgrading to DXP
  • LPS-72726 Pass in User to UserPortraitTag when we have the user instead of the userId
  • LPS-72839 Unable to upgrade module because duplicate entry for key IX_C3AA93B8
  • LPS-73178 Enforce consistency for language keys in @Meta annotations
  • LPS-73518 Unsafe Typecast in render DDMTemplate
  • LPS-73586 Add highlight portlet configs and remove highlight property
  • LPS-74158 Web Content Search results shows title with tags
  • LPS-74544 SourceFormatter improvements
  • LPS-74862 Web Content Search portlet returns results when criteria is not met
  • LPS-74897 Extract CentralizedThreadLocal into petra-lang
  • LPS-75049 Drop support for "provided" configuration in gradle-plugins-defaults and move to "compileOnly"
  • LPS-76706 Apply correct usages for portal-search and portal-search-api
  • LPS-77143 Create SF Rule for updated exports
  • LPS-78429 Web Content Search portlet displays duplicate articles
  • LPS-78772 Formatting of tags in *.jsp should be consistent
  • LPS-80517 GREEDY @Reference must also be DYNAMIC to prevent tons of meaningless component activation/deactivation whi...
  • LPS-82828 Simplify deprecation javadoc by using release code name instead of version
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