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  • Disclaimer: This app was submitted by a Liferay employee but is in no way affiliated with Liferay, Inc. or its affiliates.

Documentation right where it counts: This plugin links additional documentation directly from the Control Panel section that it's relevant to. Updated for 7.4

Note: Already a usable amount of documentation is linked, but more contributions are always welcome on github (most pages directly linked from displayed content, repository is The documentation is hosted publicly, embedded by iframe and will be transparently updated when pullrequests come in (and by myself), without the need to update this plugin.

Optional documentation can be provided as audio, or audioguide content (where matching portions of the UI are highlighted when mentioned on an audio track). All extra content (audio, audioguide) can be contributed through mail to
At the time of writing this, a sample Audioguide is embedded on the User-Management screen.

This plugin is a proof of concept for Liferay's easy extensibility. Content-, Feature-, and especially Design-submissions are welcome.

Upon server start, this plugin makes a nonidentifiable request (other than the originating IP-address and your Liferay version number) to, for the up-to-date content directory. Documentation can be embedded from everywhere (to be requested by your browser). At the time of publishing this version of the plugin content comes exclusively from as well.

Note: The latest version has been compiled on Java 11, thus requires Java 11 at runtime. If you're running on Java 8: Compile your own version - the source repository is linked.
Logo (Book stack) licensed CC BY Mr Balind, ID,

Latest Changes

Compiled on Java 11, ready for 7.4

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