Social Login for Liferay

Social Login for Liferay is a plugin which allows you to bring to your portal the most known social network logins. Engage users to your web application using Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Github and Microsoft logins!

Features: :
  • OAuth2 based
  • Google+ Login
  • Facebook Login
  • Twitter Login
  • LinkedIn Login
  • Github Login
  • Microsoft Login
  • Integrated with Liferay Login
  • Social buttons skin avaliable
  • Portal instance configuration
  • Site configuration
  • Alloy UI 100%
Latest Changes
  • Microsoft Live login returns (it's mandatory to use https due to Microsoft requirement)
  • Improved all actions with the new version of the OAuth library
  • Changed Facebook action to use api 2.12 due to lower versions are deprecated by facebook (it is mandatory to use https due to Facebook requirement)
  • Removed Twitter creation account redirect, new users no longer need to specify their email address because twitter added special permission to retrieve email addresses of the logged users (It's mandatory to enable the permissions in the twitter developer console).
  • Removed Java 6 support
  • Removed Google OAuth library, now all the actions uses the same OAuth generic library.
  • Some changes (https, special permissions, ..) could be required in your social network configurations, so it's recommended to test the new update in a non-prod environment.

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