Liferay Commerce Connector to PunchOut2Go

PunchOut2Go is a global B2B integration company specializing in connecting commerce business platforms to eProcurement spend management and enterprise resource planning applications, allowing companies around the world to streamline purchasing processes and transact electronically. Harnessing the power of the cloud, PunchOut2Go's iPaaS technology seamlessly links business applications to automate the flow of purchasing data for PunchOut catalogs, electronic purchase orders, eInvoices and other B2B sales order automation documents. The PunchOut2Go connector allows companies to enable PunchOut catalog functionality within Liferay Commerce in order to do business with any customer on any procurement system such as SAP Ariba, Coupa, Jaggaer, and many others.

Latest Changes
  • COMMERCE-4052 Make Liferay Commerce Deploy and Run on Liferay 7.3 (Compatibility)
  • COMMERCE-4113 Liferay Commerce Connector to PunchOut2Go Refinements
  • COMMERCE-4381 Styling and labelling issues with punch out
  • COMMERCE-4396 Autocomplete component does not work any more for option value SKU operations
  • COMMERCE-4503 Unresolved Requirements when deploying PunchOut2Go lpkg
  • COMMERCE-5565 PunchOut2Go connector issue in a clustered environment
  • ISOPS-151 Add bundles to list of files being translated and uploaded
  • LPS-105380 SourceFormatter Improvements
  • LPS-108380 AccountResourceTest failed with Instantiation Exception
  • LPS-117377 We are not using model resource permission checking
  • LPS-117975 Remove gradle-plugins-lang-merger
  • LPS-118716 Avoid logging when NPE retrieving parent relationship
  • LPS-122403 Add check to append Automatic Copy to lang keys
  • LPS-122605 Make REST Builder generated DTO's serializable
  • LPS-77699 Update Translations

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