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Liferay Knowledge Base 3.0.1 requires the installation of the Liferay Digital Enterprise 7.0 Fix Pack 33 or higher.

Liferay's Knowledge Base app provides a means for creating and organizing articles within a site. The knowledge base is perfect for creating and organizing information more formally than in a wiki. For example, it can be used to organize and display professional product documentation. The knowledge base lets you import article source files written in Markdown, so you can work on them offline before publishing. Its integration with GitHub allows you to give users access to contribute fixes or improvements to articles. It's easy to set up the knowledge base with a workflow that requires articles to be approved before they are published. Additionally, it allows administrators to create article templates. Templates can be used to ensure that certain kinds of articles possess a common structure and include certain kinds of information. Knowledge base articles can be categorized to make them easy to find. They can also be organized hierarchically to form complete books or guides. There are multiple portlets included in this app.

This app will appear in your Application menu and Site Administration once installed.

Latest Changes
  • LPS-66853 SourceFormatter Improvements
  • LPS-67352 As a developer, I would like the source formatter to integrate checkstyle
  • LPS-67411 Create a mechanism to allow existing item selector views to return custom item selector return type values
  • LPS-67509 As a page administrator I can specify a different friendly URL for a page (layout) per locale using any uni...
  • LPS-67730 As a developer I would like to be able to add suported return types to Item Selctor Views and change them d...
  • LPS-68589 Message Boards email notifications are not displaying localized translations templates
  • LPS-68710 Missing success message for adding suggestion to KB child articles
  • LPS-69271 Adding @Override annotations not working properly for modules files when running ant format-javadoc
  • LPS-69400 Extract taglib for liferay ui custom fields
  • LPS-69484 As a knowledge base writer I want to add additional information to my knowledge base articles and folders
  • LPS-69606 As a developer, I would like to publish the WSDD fragments to Nexus
  • LPS-69661 Stop using ***Util in modules, use service reference directly instead
  • LPS-69699 Alloyeditor placeholder styles
  • LPS-69720 'Twitter_Feed' already exists: upgrade service from 0.0.0 to 1.0.0
  • LPS-69730 Improvement to javadoc generated by ServiceBuilder
  • LPS-69756 Knowledge Base - 'Add' button items should be 'folder', 'base article','import '
  • LPS-69837 Message Board Attachments are not reindexed when Permissions for a Thread are changed
  • LPS-69926 As a developer, I would like an easy way to embed JARs inside OSGi modules without the need to list them ex...
  • LPS-70104 Knowledge Base - Cannot import child folder
  • LPS-70167 Knowledge Base - Import fails with KBArticleURLTitleException when only the latest version is exported/impo...
  • LPS-70180 Template variables are not substituted in KB emails
  • LPS-70212 Handle KB folders in AdminPortletDataHandler doDeleteData()
  • LPS-70229 As a blogger I would like to always use the latest optimized resolutions for my blog images
  • LPS-70409 Folder names in Icon View for Documents and Media are escaped twice
  • LPS-70411 Add extra information to Assert.assertEquals when checking for size on collection/array/hits
  • LPS-70494 Finder cache is fully cleared when new entities are created
  • LPS-70965 "Knowledge Base" has not been translated.
  • LPS-71271 Using the property "portal.proxy.path" can't directly download file.
  • LPS-71312 As a content creator I want to export and import Knowledge Base Article and Display portlet content
  • LPS-71416 Even after configuring a particular KB Article, it shows "The article you requested was not found."
  • LPS-71504 Parent article should display on top left corner when user click child article.
  • LPS-71605 Improve ResourceBundleLoader interface to accept a locale instead of languageId
  • LPS-72232 "Knowledge Base Display" text is not translated .
  • LPS-72286 KB Display is unavailable after configuring it to display an article
  • LPS-72347 Web Content ratings do not display on Live site after publication
  • LPS-72523 Knowledge-base Find Security Bugs whitelists
  • LPS-73178 Enforce consistency for language keys in @Meta annotations
  • LPS-73292 Update knowledge-base modules to fail on security regressions
  • LPS-73668 Knowledge Base Display does not show correct contents if non-ascii characters are used to folder name
  • LPS-73855 JavadocFormatter cannot handle java 8 notation or enum constants
  • LPS-74155 Ordering of methods by ServiceBuilder is incorrect
  • LPS-74849 Add a stateless concat to StringBundler to avoid duplicated template code
  • LPS-74897 Extract CentralizedThreadLocal into petra-lang
  • LPS-76221 Disable automatic translations and copies using the Lang Builder in portal builds
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