Liferay Enterprise Search Monitoring

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The Liferay Enterprise Search Monitoring app monitors your Elasticsearch cluster in real time by providing a view of the Kibana Monitoring UI through a Liferay DXP instance. According to Elastic's website, "From the Kibana Monitoring UI, you can spot issues at a glance and delve into the system behavior over time to diagnose operational issues." You must install Kibana before using the Liferay Enterprise Search Monitoring plugin. You can find more information about Monitoring Elasticsearch at

To learn about compatibility, see the compatibility matrix:

Note: This application is bundled with DXP 7.4, see for more details.

Elastic, Elasticsearch, and X-Pack are trademarks of Elasticsearch BV, registered in the U.S. and in other countries.

Latest Changes
  • LPS-105380 SourceFormatter Improvements
  • LPS-122403 Add check to append Automatic Copy to lang keys
  • LPS-75049 Drop support for "provided" configuration in gradle-plugins-defaults and move to "compileOnly"
  • LPS-77425 Create a task to increase all major versions of modules and portal artifacts
  • LPS-77674 Elasticsearch 6: X-Pack Monitoring in remote mode
  • LPS-77699 Update Translations
  • LPS-78977 Update language keys for X-Pack
  • LPS-79185 X-Pack Monitoring configuration should be categorized under Search
  • LPS-79562 As a developer, I would like a test to automatically check that the Bundle-Version in master is a major ver...
  • LPS-79653 Portlet 3.0: Upgrade to the Portlet 3.0.0 API
  • LPS-79679 SourceFormatter improvements
  • LPS-81106 Update SF to apply commercial copyright for private apps
  • LPS-82343 Consolidate language keys
  • LPS-82870 Write a Gradle script to automatically convert project to module dependencies in private branches
  • LPS-83705 Avoid scanning the same paths twice in LiferayPortlet.initValidPaths()
  • LPS-84119 SourceFormatter improvements
  • LPS-86408 Set default Java version to 1.8 for OSGi projects
  • LPE-17313 LSV-879: Use of library with known vulnerability: Apache HttpClient 4.5 (Enterprise Search Monitoring)

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