The Tout app can be used to promote a new service or product in a portal. A Web content Article will be displayed in a pop up window post successful login. In addition to the Web content the user will be presented with

A "Know more" option, which redirects users to the defined URL.
A "No Thanks" option, that allows users to ignore the content.
Finally a "Remind me later" option, that displays the content again after configured number of days.

The Tout app is composed of two portlets:

Tout Configuration Portlet allows the management of the Tout behavior.
Tout Portlet, which is a static portlet that shows the configured web content when the users log in.


Administrator can display a web content article to all users in the portal, with a link to a details page.
When a new product/service is configured in Tout, it pushes to all users on their next visit to the portal.
Similarly, when the Web content article is updated (new version), Tout pushes to all users on their next visit to the portal.
Users have the option to read more about the product/service by clicking "Know More".
Users have the option to be "Reminded later".
Users have the option to ignore ("No Thanks") the article and don't see it again.
Administrator can disable the application completely which will stop Touts to all users.

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