HowLong2Read es un plugin compatible con la version 7.2 CE de Liferay orientado a aquellas páginas que ofrecen contenido en texto a sus
Liferay S3 Multi Company Config Plugin is developed by Surekha Technologies, which enables you to configure separate S3 stores buckets for
The External repository for Box allows your Liferay's portal users to access their Box's files and folders directly from Liferay's document
Looking for the best to-do app for Liferay portal? We've got you covered.
Todo portlet helps you manage, prioritize, and complete the most
Banner Slider plugin responsive and packaged with many functionalities. The component is very useful to manage different banners. It
PM is a useful portlet for companies to manage their projects and easily follow the progress of the tasks, once you purchased the portlet
Blockchain Connector enable your Liferay portal integrate with Ethereum Blockchain.
This integrated solution will garantee to store the
DB Pruner is the perfect utility to prepare for a Liferay upgrade!

The Liferay upgrade documentation says a best practice is to prune
This is a control panel that lists the scheduled tasks in your Liferay environment. It shows the scheduled job name, group, storage type,
ORX draws an entire organization chart, following Liferay parent/suborganization structures.

Current department is auto-detected if
If your website uses cookies, you may need to be providing cookies notification messages. These simple pop-up boxes are important for legal
The portlet Last Uploads shows the last N uploaded documents.

Please refer to: for
Liferay 7.x Cluster Details is a control panel that displays cluster details such as clustering status, local node details as well as the
Mail Client is an SMC plugin that allows you to monitor your emails in the Liferay portal. Receive your messages in real time, read and
Voice Actions Portlet is developed by Surekha Technologies which gives you the control over your portal using your voice. Voice Actions
Design agile organization structures by drag & drop.

Transform to an agile organization: maintain a stable top-level structure but replace
SCM allows us to easily create web content with drag and drop
SCM will take care of keep your web content organized in folders.
You can
Document and Media Display Plugin is developed by Surekha Technologies for Liferay DXP with the goal of making it easier for users to
CalDAV Sync plugin let's you access your Liferay calendar from any CalDAV enabled client. We support the following clients:

Social Feeds Mashup Portlet is developed by Surekha Technologies which retrieves social feeds from different social networking sites and
This portlet let you fix in your personal calendar an event published in a Liferay website through the Calendar Portlet. It is possible to
This application is a useful calendar that shows monthly events.
The portlet displays a calendar and highlights the current date and shows
Image optimizer PRO es un componente que añade la funcionalidad de optimizar imágenes de la document Library de un site. Son muchos los
Monitoring User Sessions Real-Time is an application plug Liferay provides a way to monitor users who are logged and users who logout
Banner is a plugin which allows you to place text or advertisement on the rectangular shaped banner and linked to see more information. You
Popup is a plugin which allows you to show image, text or information as a small window on the page. You can adjust display date, popup size
Visual Banner is a plugin which allows administrators to add slider-enabled banners with image and link, which makes visitors be informed on
Guestbook is a plugin which allows visitors to leave their name and comments on the website in order to express their thoughts. With this,
Tab Navigation is a plugin which allows you to simply display site's menus with tabs. It is very useful when the site navigation tree is too
ECM Navigator allows navigate using CMIS protocol between Liferay and ECM Software like Alfresco or Nuxeo. Also you can create folders,
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