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This is a questionnaire portlet with a simple and elegant design, easy to configure that allows you to achieve your goals and gather your
PM is a useful portlet for companies to manage their projects and easily follow the progress of the tasks, once you purchased the portlet
Blockchain Connector enable your Liferay portal integrate with Ethereum Blockchain.
This integrated solution will garantee to store the
Calendar Connector for Google enables a two-way efficient synchronization between Liferay and Google Calendar.

Please refer to:
DB Pruner is the perfect utility to prepare for a Liferay upgrade!

The Liferay upgrade documentation says a best practice is to prune
Liferay plugin as a tool to manage meetings and action items. Action items are assigned to self when created and it can be assigned to any
This is a control panel that lists the scheduled tasks in your Liferay environment. It shows the scheduled job name, group, storage type,
ORX draws an entire organization chart, following Liferay parent/suborganization structures.

Current department is auto-detected if
If your website uses cookies, you may need to be providing cookies notification messages. These simple pop-up boxes are important for legal
The Integrated Windows Authentication is a set of protocols and procedures that allows a user, who has connected to a Microsoft Windows
The portlet Most Downloaded shows the most N documents downloaded.
Please refer to: https://liferaypartneritalia.smc.it/most-downloads for
The portlet Last Uploads shows the last N uploaded documents.

Please refer to: http://liferaypartneritalia.smc.it/last-uploads for
Liferay 7.0 Cluster Details is a control panel that displays cluster details such as clustering status, local node details as well as the
DataSync allows you to load your data without any difficulty and help you keep it up to date. The competing products are not as complete as
Mail Client is an SMC plugin that allows you to monitor your emails in the Liferay portal. Receive your messages in real time, read and
Voice Actions Portlet is developed by Surekha Technologies which gives you the control over your portal using your voice. Voice Actions
Create Liferay sites easily with “Website Builder”. This helps non-technical or users who are not very familiar with Liferay Admin features
This application provides Two-factor-authentication functionality, to integrate with liferay web application. The user can enable
Performance booster plugin is developed by Surekha Technologies using Ehcache which enhance the processing, offloads your database,
VilMinds ServiceNow Connector is a seamless and loosely coupled integration with ServiceNow IT SERVICE MANAGEMENT.

Transform the Speed,
Social Graph provides an overview of your business network. Recognize relationships and benefit from instant access and direct interaction.
SAP Business Objects Connector allows you to integrate reports from SAP's BI platform right into your Liferay 7.0/DXP portal.

Each portlet
Portlet for implementing responsive charts and dashboards. It uses open source components for flexible HTML5 JavaScript charting.
Collaborative Document Editing with OnlyOffice is a SMC plugins allows your end users to create, edit and co-edit documents inside Liferay
Design agile organization structures by drag & drop.

Transform to an agile organization: maintain a stable top-level structure but replace
OMB Secure Access plugin can restrict users to access to pages, sites, and control panel of the portal based on their IP addresses, and it
OMB Secure Login plugin makes it more secure to sign into your site using tracking your login history, giving notifications, and requiring
RTG Graph provides you with a powerful tool to create graphs, information graphics, diagrams, and anything else you can think of. It is
SCM allows us to easily create web content with drag and drop
SCM will take care of keep your web content organized in folders.
You can
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