Liferay CE Mail

  • Labs: This app is experimental and not supported by the developer.

This app enables your users to interact with their email using an easy to use, ubiquitous web interface. If your mail system supports the IMAP protocol, you can use this app to integrate your users' mail with the rest of your web site. You can also connect this app to a mail account provided by Google. The Mail app is a great way to integrate a familiar service with other the collaboration features that Liferay provides.

This app will appear in your Application menu and Control Panel once installed.

Últimos cambios
  • LPS-10988 Custom Model Listener: value.object.listener on plugin portlet sdk project throw java.langClassNotFoundExce...
  • LPS-17191 Inbox extends beyond mail portlet when mail portlet is too narrow
  • LPS-30366 Mail attachments are not displayed or sent
  • LPS-30588 Double html escaping in breadcrumbs
  • LPS-30661 Update plugins CSS to use SASS
  • LPS-30787 6.2.x - IllegalArgumentException and unable to delete a vocabulary that has a category with a subcategory u...
  • LPS-30799 Improve ServiceBeanAutoProxyCreator for backward compatibility
  • LPS-30860 Consolidate "high performance" dynamic query pagination pattern where you query lots of data and performing...
  • LPS-30885 Scheduled Jobs are re-triggered when a node joins the cluster
  • LPS-30936 Add defence from model listener polluting hibernate session 1st level cache
  • LPS-31033 ServiceBuilder is not escaping bad column names when generating SQLQueries
  • LPS-31133 Refine persistence*.ftl
  • LPS-31353 Remove unused persistence references auto injection
  • LPS-31362 Social Networking Friend Request and Accept are not immediately recognized
  • LPS-31997 Simplify DynamicDataSourceTransactionInterceptor creation for plugins
  • LPS-32141 No need to bind blank string query parameter, it can be embeded into SQL string
  • LPS-32185 *PersistenceImpl.find/fetchByPrimaryKey(${entity.PKClassName}) should depend on *PersistenceImpl.find/fetch...
  • LPS-32218 Remove manual boxing from ftl, let the javac do it automatically
  • LPS-32634 Fix uses of deprecated request parameter jspPage in plugins
  • LPS-33594 PACL - deprecate PACLAdvice
  • LPS-33847 Update Eclipse files to use *-master vs *-trunk nomenclature to fit better with Git vs Svn
  • LPS-34174 Unable to access plugin portlet services from a different plugin portlet (throws UnsupportedOperationExcept...
  • LPS-34837 Mail Portlet - When attempt to send a message you'll get: "Unable to send message." error message
  • LPS-34979 Mail portlet reindex errors
  • LPS-35118 Modify the PortletDataHandler interface to support preparation of the staged data - like provide content nu...
  • LPS-35131 @Override annotation should be applied to implementations of interface methods
  • LPS-35256 Implement and use a hierarchy stack to avoid storing delete events for child entities
  • LPS-35598 Add deletions to the manifest summary
  • LPS-36310 Add "deprecated" attribute to ServiceBuilder entity
  • LPS-36603 DLFolderWrapper and DLFileEntryWrapper do not implement the equals() method for wrapped DLFolder
  • LPS-38034 Lots of JavaMail-EventQueue threads with Mail EE plugin
  • LPS-38283 Format source imports alphabetical sorting is not correct
  • LPS-39087 OutOfMemory risk in *Indexer with millions of records
  • LPS-39591 Fix Mail Portlet after migration to Alloy 2.0
  • LPS-39703 Add fast paths for ascii code only String's toLowerCase() and toUpperCase()
  • LPS-40752 Apply new Search container pattern to Plugins
  • LPS-40795 Errors when rendering page with Mail portlet
  • LPS-40810 Mail - Add a new email account button restyle
  • LPS-40812 Mail - Message table extends pass the portlet if the portlet is not maximized or if the browser width is small
  • LPS-41003 Mail - Extra blank column in the mail table
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