Liferay Forms and Workflow

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Apps and Features: Calendar, Dynamic Data Lists, Dynamic Data Mapping, Forms, Polls, Workflow

An increase in productivity means you're saving time and effort; you’re becoming more efficient. The Forms and Workflow apps help you do that by giving you built-in calendars and the ability to create your own forms and list applications. These are powerful, flexible apps that can be quickly leveraged for basic tasks, or carefully configured and mastered to perfect business processes.

Need a quick survey or complex Sign Up form? Use the Liferay Forms app and make any forms you want. If there's a forms feature you need, this app probably has it.

Maybe you need an entire list application, and you need it today. Dynamic Data Lists lets you do it without any developer expertise.

Do you need personal calendars for your users, and/or site calendars? Do you need the calendar to be highly configurable? Use the Calendar app.

Would you like to initiate a review process when new content, or any new asset, is created? The Kaleo Workflow Engine lets you send any asset through review before it gets published.

Want to quickly get the opinion of your users on something? The Polls app is extremely easy to use.

This suite may contain modules that depend on Foundation suite modules. This suite is available in the Liferay bundle.

Latest Changes
  • LPS-65362 BND files contain incorrect Bundle-Name and Bundle-SymbolicName
  • LPS-65381 Admin tables should use new Lexicon table-list
  • LPS-65385 Update SplitPackagesTest to cover all OSGI modules
  • LPS-65427 Iterate on entrySet instead of keySet to avoid calling Map.get for each key
  • LPS-65555 Update field type icons and labels on the [Choose a Field Type]
  • LPS-65623 Forms checkbox submission does not persist when the predefined value is set to true
  • LPS-65651 Cannot submit DDL Record with blank non-required Radio field
  • LPS-65690 Application sorting ignores locale rules
  • LPS-65738 Switcher checkbox should be toggled by pressing space key
  • LPS-65778 Submitting a Form with only a Paragraph field throws NPE errors
  • LPS-65909 Sync translations from Pootle
  • LPS-66064 As a developer, I would like to build the portal modules with Bnd 3.2.0
  • LPS-66381 Add support to pagination mode in DDMFormLayout annotation
  • LPS-66416 Revert Pootle sync and update German Translations
  • LPS-66494 Reuse calling Collator.getInstance inside compare method when not needed
  • LPS-66853 SourceFormatter Improvements
  • LPS-67049 Make module unit tests depend on project dependencies
  • LPS-67352 As a developer, I would like the source formatter to integrate checkstyle
  • LPS-68062 For modules, the deprecated version should refer to the module version, not the portal version
  • LPS-68164 Workflow definition validation not correctly handled by the interface
  • LPS-68289 Fix CI test failures
  • LPS-69037 All definitions, layouts, records etc. should be saved with the site language id
  • LPS-69271 Adding @Override annotations not working properly for modules files when running ant format-javadoc
  • LPS-69383 Extract Captcha to OSGi module
  • LPS-69661 Stop using ***Util in modules, use service reference directly instead
  • LPS-69926 As a developer, I would like an easy way to embed JARs inside OSGi modules without the need to list them ex...
  • LPS-70411 Add extra information to Assert.assertEquals when checking for size on collection/array/hits
  • LPS-70816 Workflow Definition table cannot be sorted by "Active" or "Title"
  • LPS-71142 Slow page load in My Workflow Tasks > Assigned to My Roles when 119 workflow tasks assigned to user
  • LPS-71314 Importing public pages LAR showing NullPointerException in DXP
  • LPS-71828 Form Submit button remains inactive when CAPTCHA is enabled
  • LPS-72275 Search does not work in "My Workflow Tasks"
  • LPS-72429 Avoid converting array to list when adding all elements to set
  • LPS-72849 User can submit blank required selection fields
  • LPS-72985 Workflow title with trailing space causes error using PostgreSQL
  • LPS-73350 Datatype field setting selection is being lost for numeric field types
  • LPS-73443 Text field in form with accent in label isn't saved correctly (7.0.x only)
  • LPS-73564 Change the label of the Multiple Selection field
  • LPS-73600 Portlet titles appearing in wrong alphabetical order in Apps - Plugins Configuration and in Apps - Components
  • LPS-73935 Standardize the way we initiate arrays
  • LPS-74302 A user creating or editing a form is not able to save form setting with more than one recipient for e-mail ...
  • LPS-74401 Fix unsatisfied reference
  • LPS-74544 SourceFormatter improvements
  • LPS-74849 Add a stateless concat to StringBundler to avoid duplicated template code
  • LPS-74897 Extract CentralizedThreadLocal into petra-lang
  • LPS-75010 Extract basic string utilities into new petra-string module
  • LPS-75049 Drop support for "provided" configuration in gradle-plugins-defaults and move to "compileOnly"
  • LPS-75476 DDM Form Expression evaluation method calls itself recursively more often than necessary
  • LPS-75815 Forms Analytics Events Data Gathering and Submission
  • LPS-76221 Disable automatic translations and copies using the Lang Builder in portal builds
  • LPS-76528 Improve assertion messages for Assert.assertFalse or Assert.assertTrue
  • LPS-76701 reCaptcha keeps loading when you click on I'm not a robot
  • LPS-76813 Can not create a Data Provider if the default language is set to Spanish
  • LPS-77111 Import class instead of using Fully Qualified Name when possible
  • LPS-77143 Create SF Rule for updated exports
  • LPS-77295 Pagination doesn't work for Workflow Definitions list
  • LPS-77595 TemplateHandlerRegistry ignores service ranking of TemplateHandler services
  • LPS-77699 Update Translations
  • LPS-77739 A Numeric field in Forms doesn't validate "is greater than" correctly
  • LPS-78033 Fix SF warning "There should be an empty line before line 'xxx'"
  • LPS-78152 Add rule for missing break lines in soy files
  • LPS-78433 Single checkbox form field type always submits true when predefinded as true
  • LPS-78772 Formatting of tags in *.jsp should be consistent
  • LPS-79236 White Space causes BigDecimal creation to fail.
  • LPS-79679 SourceFormatter improvements
  • LPS-80064 Use GetterUtil.getX instead of the parseX method on primitive types when appropriate
  • LPS-80517 GREEDY @Reference must also be DYNAMIC to prevent tons of meaningless component activation/deactivation whi...
  • LPS-81020 Forms randomly fails to render when using validation
  • LPS-81474 Forms Captcha disappears on IE11
  • LPS-81578 User without "Add Form Instance Record" permission should be warned when filling a form
  • LPS-82828 Simplify deprecation javadoc by using release code name instead of version
  • LPS-83326 Workflow definitions for folders won't get imported
  • LPS-83705 Avoid scanning the same paths twice in LiferayPortlet.initValidPaths()
  • LPS-83736 Portal doesn't normalize unicode strings
  • LPS-84119 SourceFormatter improvements
  • LPS-84399 Backport the UAD implementations for Portal
  • LPS-84400 Backport the UAD implementations for Workflow
  • LPS-84676 reCaptcha keeps loading when you click on I'm not a robot in IE11
  • LPS-85765 Create a jar that includes all "*-api" portal jars
  • LPS-85976 Form analytics events are inconsistent
  • LPS-86408 Set default Java version to 1.8 for OSGi projects
  • LPS-87037 Certain ResourceBundle cannot be clearly overriden
  • LPS-88612 Naming a form text field with a numeric value prevents its validation (7.0.x)
  • LPS-88633 Form field date formats ignore locales
  • LPS-89362 Cannot choose if a form field is indexable
  • LPS-90362 Cannot configure fields as "Not indexable" in webcontent structures
  • LPS-91149 "Disable" searchable option is reset to "Keyword" after reopening "properties" tab
  • LPS-91343 Integrate portal-tools-java-parser with ServiceBuilder
  • LPS-91420 Integrate portal-tools-java-parser with SourcFormatter
  • LPS-96481 Turn on disabled Source Formatter checks and apply across private repos and subrepos
  • LPS-97841 Form Entry submissions are by default viewable by guest users.
  • LPS-97912 Forms text validations fails when text is similar to a double type format
  • LPS-99287 NoSuchWorkflowDefinitionLinkException in case of importing a JournalFolder with a workflow configuration.
  • LRDOCS-8120 Javadoc: Don't tell API consumers to use the LocalServiceUtil
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