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This app provides integration with Apache Solr, the popular open source enterprise search platform from the Apache Lucene project. Its major
This app provides the capability to change page position in page tree, by drag and drop
Schizo.io is a Liferay module that helps testers to test their Liferay based solution. It consists of:
* A Control Panel portlet that
The JS Portlet Extender serves as a bridge between traditional portlet development and modern front-end development, letting you create
A simple store locator to showcase the stores stored in back end into a google map location view. A distance based filter helps user to find
Dummy Factory generates following data for debug use.
- Organizations
- Sites
- Pages
- Users
- Web Content Articles
- Documents and Media
OAuth 2.0 is an industry-standard authorization protocol. Users can seamlessly share select credentials from another website to log into
‘Collaborative Dynamic List’ is a Liferay app that adds real-time collaboration features to Liferay’s ‘Dynamic Data List Display’ App.
If Liferay Administrator want to add tags or categories to any Asset, then admin has to do it by editing that individual Asset. For example
About Adobe Connect :

Adobe Connect gives you complete control over the look and functionality of your virtual rooms. Create experiences
Currently Administrator has to visit asset specific pages to gather the statistics about individual Assets. For example, to see view count
In web portal projects it is very important to accurately manage search engine page search and visibility. For SEO it is important to have
SmartForms Cloud is a Software as a Service solution that allows you:

• create, maintain and use online forms. Forms utilise data from
The Bookmarks app adds a widget that can be used to list and organize bookmarks. Placing the Bookmarks widget on a site page lets
Liferay CE Connector to Elasticsearch 6 to Elasticsearch 6 connects Liferay Portal or Liferay DXP to the Elasticsearch 6.1.x search engine.
This little Portlet shows the current page as a Google Search Result.
It also provides seo-optimization-hints.
The Liferay Plugin for Google Drive™ lets users create shortcuts to Google Drive™ files in their Documents and Media repositories. These
PDF Document Display all the PDF store in the documents media to be viewed in different styles.
The developers can embed this portlet and
Installation and Deployment for BIRT portlet for Liferay Applications
This write up includes information about:
[1] BIRT Server Setup
The Dunn Solutions + Liferay Fitbit Portlet will provide your Liferay platform a way to quickly and easily display user's Fitbit data such
Phone number Login Hook plugin is developed by Vitaliy Koshelenko and allows Liferay users to sign in using their primary phone number.
The Adaptive Media app tailors media in your portal to the device consuming it. Since users often consume media on multiple devices that
StreamForce is a Liferay-Salesforce Connector designed with an objective of delivering real time information at the fingertips of your field
1)This component provides an ability to connect braintree payment gateway integration with Liferay 7.
2)Braintree provides the global
Displays a simple list of pending events from the selected liferay calendar portlet. Additional features include:
* customize the number of
GDPR compliant application that allows your web portal to collect newsletter subscriptions and export them for your favorite marketing

Flashlight Search is a set of modules that lets portal developers create a personalized search experience. The alternate
Jasper is the most popular Open Source reporting engine for most developers and entrepreneurs. Keeping that in mind, KNOWARTH has created a
Accessing any system with just single Password is an old way today. Single password authentication is not strong enough and hacker can steal
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