A13 Responsive Theme Stack

This product includes two themes and 19-color schemes. Additionally, it includes several ADTs (Application Display Templates) to help you quickly make use of Asset Publisher Portlet, Parallax Background Images, Slick Carousel, the Transparent AUI Dockbar, and other features. The packaged web content structures and templates include: Marketing Slider, Service Offering, Employee Profile, and Customer Testimonials.

Theme Settings include:
Add/Remove Language Change from the dockbar
Add/Remove Breadcrumbs
Use Bootstrap Nav Pills on the page or embed navigation in the Dockbar
Use custom web content for your footer
3 Sample Home Pages; About Us; Contact Us; and Services Pages

Latest Changes

Bugfixes related to customer feedback. Margin top in transparent theme is 60 when in edit mode. This way you can add a portlet and drag it; before - it was unselectable because the dockbar was on top of it.

Updated sample content to use "section"tag only in places where padding top and bottom was needed.

Fixed scale of background images up to 4400px. Now the image always covers the background no matter what zoom level or screensize the user has.

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