Madrid Theme

  • Disclaimer: This app was submitted by a Liferay employee but is in no way affiliated with Liferay, Inc. or its affiliates.

Madrid-theme is totally configurable through its settings, from color palette configuration, to control over principal blocks width. This theme includes Dockbar Bubbles in blue tones. You can decide to use this Dockbar Bubbles or classic top-line dockbar only changing a theme setting.

Madrid-theme is totally open source, you can access to its GitHub repository, modify, redistribute or why not, contribute to improve it. All photos included are totally free by myself ;)

It uses Dockbar bubbles over your _styled liferay theme
You will be able to change dockbar colors easier
100% AlloyUI

Theme settings available:
Dockbar Bubbles Style:
Use Site Logo
Hide Portlets Nav on-scroll
All portlets will get min-height from browser height
Show Portlet Borders by Default
Footer Content ID
Footer Breadcrumbs

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