Layout columns 2 3 1 Responsive

Layout is used to arranged the portlets on a page. As we know, Liferay Portal comes with several built-in layout templates, "columns-2-3-1" Layout is something which is not available out of box in Liferay portal. "columns-2-3-1" Layout is and also responsive design achieve via Bootstrap framework.

*Note: Please follow below steps for Layout display on page:

(1). \_diffs\templates\portal_normal.vm
(Add external boostrap.js file above body close tag.
i.e <script src="$javascript_folder/bootstrap.js"></script>
(2). \_diffs\js\bootstrap.js
(Put bootsrap.js inside the js folder)
(3). \_diffs\css\main.css (Please Make sure below css files in the main.css --- i.e @import url(bootstrap.css); @import url(bootstrap-theme.css);)
(3.1) \_diffs\css\bootstrap.css
(3.2) \_diffs\css\bootstrap-theme.css

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