Project Learn: A Learning System for Liferay

This project aims to bring eLearning functionalities and opportunities to Liferay.


Project Learn aims to create eLearning tools for the Liferay Portal Platform. Liferay has vast potential to support various learning activities in educational institutions and other settings, such as in corporate training. Project Learn covers developing an eLearning portlet family based on the SCORM standard, including SCORM player, SCORM Quiz editor, and a gradebook portlet. This brings elements of Learning Management Systems (LMS) to the Liferay Portal Platform and expands them with more flexible options for eLearning.

Overview of the Project

The project aims to bring the eLearning functionalities and opportunities to Liferay. As the result of Project Learn, Liferay portal can be used in environments for learning, like traditional learning management systems (LMSs). It can also be utilized in building large-scale learning portals and open learning environments.

The project consists of developing an eLearning portlet family based on SCORM standard as well as creating ready-made site and page templates to create learning spaces within Liferay.

Project Goals

  • Our objective is a flexible open source eLearning portal solution
    • Liferay use as a vast learning portal, comprising all of the organizations learning resources and communities with education and course management
    • Liferay as a tool for building tailored web-based virtual learning environments
    • Liferay use as a traditional LMS
  • Support for SCORM standard
  • eLearning portlet family development
    • SCORM player portlet
    • Quiz tool and editor portlet based on SCORM standard
    • Gradebook portlet
  • Creation of ready-made page and site templates for building online learning spaces with:
    • eLearning course spaces
    • collaborative learning spaces
    • other spaces that support learning in different contexts.

Project Leads

The project began as an internal product development and concept testing in Arcusys Ltd. in 2010. The development team has consisted of IT specialists and eLearning professionals. We want to share this development with the global Liferay community. We invite all interested developers and eLearning professionals to contribute!