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How to use the project

The project is an implementation of the SCORM set of standards for e-learning for the Liferay portal. Supported Liferay version is currently 6.0.5+ CE, and 6.1 CE. The targeted version of SCORM is 2004 4th edition. All server-side code is written using the Scala programming language for the JVM.

The current implementation is only able to display static SCORM content with respect towards the different content organizations and the activity structure in each organization. Also added simple question editor for creating quizes with different types of questions (single-/multi-choice, matching, short answer, etc.). At that moment only quiz editor is available. Quiz player will be available later.

Administrative features let you manage SCORM packages, uploading the them in standard zipped format. The user interface is available in two forms:

  • A standalone web application, which may be deployed against any servlet container
  • A JSR-compliant portlet, which may be deployed against a standards-based portlet container. The portlet version has been tested on Liferay, but does not depend on its specific features.

The solution uses its own PostgreSQL database. You only need it created and accessible, there's an admin feature that lets you initialize the database structure before use.

If deployed against a servlet container, the end-user features are available at the relative url /, and the admin features are available at the relative url /ScormAdmin . Quiz editor is available at /QuestionBank

If deployed against a portlet container, the end-user features are available via the portlet's standard View mode, while administrative features are available via the Edit mode. Also there is another portlet for quiz editor.

The solution will be further developed to support the full set of requirements from the SCORM set of standards.

How to build the project

Source Code

The source code for this project will be maintained in our Github repository (  Download the source if you are interested in building the project yourself, or grab the binaries.


The project is based on Maven2, so any IDE or CLI that supports Maven2 can be used to build.  The project build process has been tested on NetBeans 6.8+, including NetBeans 7.1.


For running tests on your local machine for the scorm-player, you should change (located inside the resources directory) to point to your current PostgreSQL instance.

Getting Involved

This project is a joint effort among Liferay community members, to provide a solid integration with SCORM. As such, we are always looking for new volunteers who can help with the project's goals! Visit the overview page and contact the founder to get involved!