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Customer experience matters more than ever. Liferay Symposium brings the brightest thought leaders to share why they're succeeding at deeply personalized customer experiences, where digital transformation is going next and how Liferay is taking them there.
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Liferay will be rewarding customers on the innovative and unique ways they are using Liferay to transform the way they do business. We are also recognizing community members for all the ways they are contributing to Liferay's future.

Nominations are collected from our dedicated internal teams. Winners will be announced at the Symposium for the following categories:

Customer Awards

Digital transformation is the process of re-thinking one's business model or business processes in light of the availability and affordability of digital technology in order to meet the ever-changing market demands. For example, a toy company might leverage internet technology to crowdsource product designs -- completely changing the way new toys are developed and brought to market. A parts manufacturer might offer a subscription service to access 3D printer-compatible designs for spare parts that can be printed at home, cutting out the need for supply chain and order fulfillment.
This Liferay customer understands that digital transformation requires coordination across the entire organization, since it applies new technologies to fundamentally change the way business is done. They have done the hard work of understanding their customers' journeys and overhauled their systems to ensure that the customer was at the center of all touchpoints with their business. They have designed a roadmap for their digital platform which incorporates mobile, social, cloud, big data and is flexible enough to expand to new technologies. Put simply, this customer understands that their customers are changing and are undergoing a digital transformation to ensure they are serving them better than ever.
A digital experience is an interaction between a customer (or partner, or employee) and an organization (usually a company) that is made possible or enhanced by digital technologies. For example, a website that's no different from a printed brochure, that simply delivers generic information to all visitors regardless of who they are, isn't really a digital experience. A digital experience personalizes content based on the person's geography, IP, click behavior, or expressed preferences; this is something that can't be done through traditional printed communication and is only possible because of the internet.
This Liferay customer has created an amazing digital experience for their partners or business customers. They have built a solution that anticipates the needs of their ecosystem and provides dynamic content to them based on things like prior orders, sales opportunity pipelines and prior interactions with content on the platform
A consolidated user experience is crucial. Whether due to mergers and acquisitions, or a shift in brand strategy, dealing with brand consolidation is more than just a marketing or IT exercise. Customers, employees and partners encounter your company at several touchpoints. How do you build loyalty and customer understanding across them?
This Liferay customer has ensured consistency and continuity by establishing a single profile for the user, tracking interactions across systems and anticipating the needs of the customer on multiple channels including mobile, on the web and in-person.
Communicating with employees can sometimes feel like talking into a void, not knowing if your employees are reading new announcements, processing Human Resources announcements or adhering to established standard operating procedures. Posting information on an intranet usually means publishing information to all employees, irrespective of whether the information is relevant to them or not, resulting in pages with dissimilar departmental information and lack of employee engagement.
This Liferay customer has built a solution to push relevant content to specific business units and departments and then track who is reading the content. They have built forms and mobile applications that allow employees to be more productive while proactively serving customers. They have integrated other platforms like their ERP and CRM into the intranet so that employees are able to have a global view of their customers. They understand that employees don't simply work on their laptops and have incorporated mobile applications and/or responsive design into their intranet strategy.

Community Awards

This is awarded to Liferay Services Partners for their achievements in the Liferay open source community, based on employee participation on forums, blogs, bug reporting, idea generation, app publications, translations, documentation enhancements, user group participation, and other community criteria unrelated to revenue or financials. Nominations are collected internally.
This is awarded to community members who have contributed the most code, translations, documentation, apps, assistance to newcomers, and any general knowledge to the community during the year. Nominations are collected internally.