Advanced Developer Training

Course Overview

Advanced Developer extends knowledge of the Liferay APIs and Service Builder. Building on a firm foundation, you will explore some of the core APIs to integrate your application. Learn how to use workflow, the social networking API, and the search API among others. Customize your services with multiple data sources, custom SQL queries and more. This course takes strong fundamental knowledge to the next level, preparing your applications for the real world.

What You'll Learn

By the end of the training, you should have an understanding of what Liferay has to offer out of the box including:

  • Enabling user relationships with the Social API
  • Extending the Asset Framework
  • Getting your objects into workflow
  • Making your objects searchable
  • Building custom SQL queries in Service Builder services
  • Use Service Builder to connect to other databases
  • Export your data to a LAR
  • Allow your applications to be staged

Prerequisites: Developer Training

Course Format: Onsite

Version: 6.1

This course is also offered for Liferay Version 6.2


Day 1


  • AlloyUI Overview
  • Widgets
  • Events and Ajax
  • Best Practices
Social Collaboration with Liferay
  • Introduction to Liferay's Social API
  • Social Relationships
  • Social Activities
  • Introduction to Liferay's Collaboration API
  • Enabling Assets in a Custom Application
  • Adding Support for Workflows in a Custom Application
  • Tags and Categories
  • Discussions and Ratings
Day 2

Advanced Service Builder

  • Setting Up Remote Services
  • Accessing External Databases with Service Builder
  • Custom SQL Finders
  • Custom SQL Joins
  • Dynamic Query

Liferay APIs

  • Sending Synchronous and Asynchronous Messages with the Message Bus
  • Creating Scheduled Jobs
  • Indexing and Search APIs
Day 3

Liferay APIs (Continued)

  • Setting up Friendly URLs to Individual Assets
  • Importing and Exporting Data for Custom Portlets
  • Search Engine Optimization With Liferay

Rapid Application Development with Liferay CMS

  • Overview of RAD in Liferay's CMS
  • Using Structures To Guide User Input
  • Velocity Templates
  • Accessing Liferay's Services In a Custom Template
  • Using Custom Fields To Model Data
  • Custom Velocity Variables
  • Integrating AlloyUI Into a Custom Application

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Dual Core processor, 4GB RAM, wireless card
Windows, Mac OSX*, or Linux*
* Note: if you use Mac OSX or Linux, you must be prepared to support yourself if any operating system issues arise, as the trainer is not guaranteed to be familiar with these systems.

Please contact us or call 1-877-LIFERAY if you have any questions.