Share It - A Social Media Sharing Plug-in

Going Social is the new norm and Every organization seeks presence on Social Media channels like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to better connect, build network, share and promote business with loyal followers and customers. Keeping that in mind, KNOWARTH has created “Share It” a flexible plug-in that can be customized to meet your organizational requirements.

  • Problem:
As Liferay move towards Digital Experience Platform, Social Media plays a significant part in that migration. Customer will like to have flexibility in configuring social media sharing on various platform for their contents on portals.Currently, Liferay provides content sharing on social platforms for OOB portlets like blogs, messages, boards, wiki etc. However, users will like to share content from any page and not limit themselves by sharing from limited places (portlets). Our Share It plug-in will fill in that gap for users and organizations that are always active on social media platforms.
  • Pre-Requisite:
It is inevitable that you want to share your content on social media, but make sure your Portal is accessible from the Internet via a valid Domain or reachable IP addresses.
  • Solution:
Share It plug-in solves and meets your social sharing needs for contents, images and many other marketing and social collaterals. It’s easy to configure and just a matter of click from sharing your page, contents on social platforms like Facebook, Gmail, Linked IN and Twitter.It will also make it easy for developers to use with its extensibility to add/remove and expand features. It uses ‘AddThis’ API as an underlying toolset that provides variety of features that will benefit your website and customers across verticals.
  • Steps for easy Configuration:
Step 1: Copy the .lpkg (Jars) file in deploy folder of Tomcat Application ServerStep 2: Navigate to “Configure Page” of desired Site, where you like to enable social sharing
Step 3: You will be able to see “Share” tab. Click “Enable Sharing” and Toggle Social Media options (Facebook, Gmail, Linked In, Twitter), next provide “Display Style” settings for appearance of Social Icons on your portal/page.
Step 4: You can optionally provide Image or Video URL that best describes your page when shared on Social Sites, applicable for Facebook and Linked In.
Step 5: You may like to add more information about your page use “SEO” tab to provide Page Title and Description that will appear on Social Sites
Step 6: Once above configurations are saved, refreshing the page will show social icons on the page ready for sharing. Just click desired social platform your page meta data will be auto populated to be shared.

Performing above steps will ensure that you are able to Share the content on your portal pages with ease.

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