Salesforce Opportunities for DXP

Salesforce Opportunities Portlet has been developed by XTIVIA, the 2012, 2013 & 2014 Liferay North America Partner of the Year. With organizations showing a lot of interest in Sales numbers, IT teams are always looking for solutions that is freely available to present this data to their enterprise via their intranet portals. The sales data is not just those directly involved in Sales. This typically means extracting information from a CRM, the most prominent choice being Salesforce. At Xtivia, we are working on releasing a number of such Salesforce Applications with highly configurable options in Liferay Marketplace to help enterprises meet their desires with respect to Salesforce CRM integration. This solution is a SPA (Single Page Application) Portlet for Liferay that is written using AngularJS and Salesforce REST API. It presents the Opportunities out of a Salesforce system.

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