OpenID Connect plugin

Let users log in to Liferay with their social network account or any OpenID Connect compatible SSO system.

Most social networks support OpenID Connect to authenticate for third party applications.
This plugin enables Liferay to integrate with the OpenID Connect provider you choose, be it Google or Facebook or your own SSO provider (like OpenAM, Gluu, Ping Identity, etc.)

Liferay supports OAuth 1.0 out of the box, but that OAuth-version is deprecated. OpenID Connect is based on OAuth 2.0. Use OpenID Connect, the proper modern SSO standard.

Key features:
  • Creates users if they do not exist upon successful authentication, update existing users
  • Use name information from the OpenID Connect provider to create Liferay users
  • Can be combined with post login hooks to perform additional custom logic (adding users to groups etc)
  • Single Log Out: logging out from Liferay can be linked to logout from OP
Latest Changes
  • Control panel configuration (7.0 and DXP)
  • Virtual instance specific configuration

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