Liferay Static

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The Static app contains an important group of extenders and utilities that Liferay statically installs before installing any dynamic OSGi modules. The app's functionality includes a log4j extender, an OSGi WAB extender, configuration utilities, OSGi deployment utilities, target platform indexing, and more.

This suite is available in the Liferay bundle.

Latest Changes
  • LPS-67352 As a developer, I would like the source formatter to integrate checkstyle
  • LPS-68294 As a developer I can write an extension point to execute code before or after a new configuration has been ...
  • LPS-68843 Mark modules to be included in the slim runtime
  • LPS-69140 ConfigurationModelListeners won't trigger when configuration is deleted
  • LPS-71787 Surfer is stripped
  • LPS-72409 The "gulp watch" command does not deploy a theme
  • LPS-72505 Avoid creating PortletInsance object
  • LPS-72911 In case of having a tomcat cluster with session replication, java.lang.ClassNotFoundException is thrown dur...
  • LPS-73562 As a developer, I want to add a way to blacklist OSGi bundles
  • LPS-73935 Standardize the way we initiate arrays
  • LPS-74401 Fix unsatisfied reference
  • LPS-74456 Bundles are reinstalled after rebooting when uninstalled in the control panel
  • LPS-74473 Fileinstall does not remove configurations from DB if cfg files are removed while app server is shut down
  • LPS-74720 Changing the liferay home directory to contain a non-alphanumeric character causes a JSP error
  • LPS-74807 Extract kernel memory and part of kernel concurrent (classes with kernel memory api dependency) as petra mo...
  • LPS-74825 Path filtering should only be applied to request with dispatching type ASYNC and REQUEST
  • LPS-74896 Temp folder for AggregateFilter for modules is removed when a new AggregateFilter from modules is generated

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