Liferay Static

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The Static app contains an important group of extenders and utilities that Liferay statically installs before installing any dynamic OSGi modules. The app's functionality includes a log4j extender, an OSGi WAB extender, configuration utilities, OSGi deployment utilities, target platform indexing, and more.

This suite is available in the Liferay bundle.

Latest Changes
  • LPS-103302 Use ListUtil.fromArray instead of ListUtil.toList
  • LPS-104435 Update publishing scripts to run against the master branch
  • LPS-105380 SourceFormatter Improvements
  • LPS-107697 Default value of configuration with escaped character can not be unescaped when read
  • LPS-107789 Race condition with resolving Spring Dependencies
  • LPS-107983 OpenJDK 11.0.6 compatibility problem
  • LPS-108218 Unable to startup the server: NPE loading configurations from Oracle Database
  • LPS-108250 Javac compilation when starting portal on Windows system
  • LPS-109539 Weaken portlet tracker's kernel model package dependency
  • LPS-110835 Modules can not import tag libraries without making them public
  • LPS-111631 Copy in "" package from fileinstall
  • LPS-111694 Copy in "org.apache.felix.utils.manifest" package from fileinstall
  • LPS-111695 Copy in "org.apache.felix.utils.collections" and "org.apache.felix.fileinstall" packages from fileinstall
  • LPS-111697 Copy in "org.apache.felix.utils.version" package from fileinstall
  • LPS-112764 Error with hidden files in osgi/config dir
  • LPS-75049 Drop support for "provided" configuration in gradle-plugins-defaults and move to "compileOnly"
  • LPS-77425 Create a task to increase all major versions of modules and portal artifacts
  • LPS-77616 Split portal-bundle-blacklist into API and Impl modules
  • LPS-77683 Provide configuration driven approach for disabling components.
  • LPS-77699 Update Translations
  • LPS-77837 Remove exported package from portal-osgi-web-wab-generator
  • LPS-77992 Rename portal-osgi-web-jasper-plugins to portal-osgi-web-jasper-plugins-taglib
  • LPS-80332 Add suite bnd bundle instruction
  • LPS-88998 Create a fragment for the jsp API to provide the portable java contracts
  • LPS-88999 Create a fragment for the EL API to provide the portable java contracts
  • LPS-89189 Patch glassfish jasper to support java8 method reference
  • LPS-95555 Unify osgi.core versions in build.gradle files
  • LPS-98312 Use precompiled jsps in jars over work dir
  • LRQA-51488 Clarifying strings
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