Liferay Forms and Workflow

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Apps and Features: Calendar, Dynamic Data Lists, Dynamic Data Mapping, Forms, Polls, Workflow

An increase in productivity means you're saving time and effort; you’re becoming more efficient. The Forms and Workflow apps help you do that by giving you built-in calendars and the ability to create your own forms and list applications. These are powerful, flexible apps that can be quickly leveraged for basic tasks, or carefully configured and mastered to perfect business processes.

Need a quick survey or complex Sign Up form? Use the Liferay Forms app and make any forms you want. If there's a forms feature you need, this app probably has it.

Maybe you need an entire list application, and you need it today. Dynamic Data Lists lets you do it without any developer expertise.

Do you need personal calendars for your users, and/or site calendars? Do you need the calendar to be highly configurable? Use the Calendar app.

Would you like to initiate a review process when new content, or any new asset, is created? The Kaleo Workflow Engine lets you send any asset through review before it gets published.

Want to quickly get the opinion of your users on something? The Polls app is extremely easy to use.

This suite may contain modules that depend on Foundation suite modules. This suite is available in the Liferay bundle.

Latest Changes
  • LPS-64383 Methods are missing for kernel bridges of modules
  • LPS-64407 Make transpile and configModule tasks pick up on .soy and .soy.js by default
  • LPS-64414 Ad a developer, I would like test modules to be excluded from portal build
  • LPS-64419 Update all module versions in preparation for Baseline
  • LPS-64515 String "null" flashes on a rendered Form
  • LPS-64528 Display form field types regarding a predefined order
  • LPS-64582 Not visible / Hidden fields still take up space
  • LPS-64840 Review fields markup according to Lexicon
  • LPS-65012 Move all private packages inside an "internal" package
  • LPS-65135 Use Objects.equals(Object, Object) instead of Validator.equals(Object, Object)
  • LPS-65224 Standardize Whiteboard servlet names
  • LPS-65225 Simplify the modules excludes/includes and make it so that we use a marker file
  • LPS-65555 Update field type icons and labels on the [Choose a Field Type]
  • LPS-65623 Forms checkbox submission does not persist when the predefined value is set to true
  • LPS-65738 Switcher checkbox should be toggled by pressing space key
  • LPS-65909 Sync translations from Pootle
  • LPS-66381 Add support to pagination mode in DDMFormLayout annotation
  • LPS-66416 Revert Pootle sync and update German Translations
  • LPS-66853 SourceFormatter Improvements
  • LPS-67352 As a developer, I would like the source formatter to integrate checkstyle
  • LPS-68693 Process will be created again after changing forms in Kaleo Forms Admin
  • LPS-69383 Extract Captcha to OSGi module
  • LPS-69450 Scripting language options are available that can't be executed by Liferay DE 7.0
  • LPS-71828 Form Submit button remains inactive when CAPTCHA is enabled
  • LPS-72054 Components doesn't translate in the Product Menu
  • LPS-72849 User can submit blank required selection fields
  • LPS-73350 Datatype field setting selection is being lost for numeric field types
  • LPS-73564 Change the label of the Multiple Selection field
  • LPS-73662 Role name in Assignments is lost when editing it again
  • LPS-73777 Kaleo Forms - Add Field Set 'Save' button creates duplicate Field Set
  • LPS-74544 SourceFormatter improvements
  • LPS-74591 Form creation frame does not auto close upon save when creating a Kaleo Forms process
  • LPS-74696 workflow can't parse successful when using <task-timers>
  • LPS-74708 not set for kaleo-web-configuration-name
  • LPS-74897 Extract CentralizedThreadLocal into petra-lang
  • LPS-74907 Kaleo Designer removes notification type form XML document when changing to "View" mode
  • LPS-74908 Kaleo Designer adds a <recipients> element to XML document when changing to "View" mode
  • LPS-74909 Kaleo Designer removes the "receptionType="to"" attribute from XML document when changing to "View" mode
  • LPS-75010 Extract basic string utilities into new petra-string module
  • LPS-75049 Drop support for "provided" configuration in gradle-plugins-defaults and move to "compileOnly"
  • LPS-75156 Refactor main.js
  • LPS-75513 Name or description cannot be changed under SourceXML in kaleo designer
  • LPS-75620 Kaleo Designer removes the "receptionType="to"" attribute and changes recipients from XML document when cha...
  • LPS-75791 Localization fix for modules in master-private
  • LPS-75988 Kaleo Designer fails to render diagram if a node in the definition XML does not have metadata
  • LPS-76003 Remove deprecated resourcebundle method in 70x private
  • LPS-76099 Default "receptionType" values result in validation error in Kaleo Designer 7.0.x-private
  • LPS-76192 Kaleo Designer fails to display Single Approver's XML content
  • LPS-76221 Disable automatic translations and copies using the Lang Builder in portal builds
  • LPS-76443 Kaleo Designer fails to save new definition with unedited "Task" node
  • LPS-76701 reCaptcha keeps loading when you click on I'm not a robot
  • LPS-77025 Missing translations for Control Panel labels
  • LPS-77136 Error thrown when editing a workflow definition node
  • LPS-77287 Enforce naming rules for static final variables
  • LPS-77404 When <execution-type> exists in <timer-action> tag, publish won't be successful
  • LPS-77440 Workflow disappears when deactivated in Kaleo Forms Admin
  • LPS-77699 Update Translations
  • LPS-78033 Fix SF warning "There should be an empty line before line 'xxx'"
  • LPS-78152 Add rule for missing break lines in soy files
  • LPS-78433 Single checkbox form field type always submits true when predefinded as true
  • LPS-78772 Formatting of tags in *.jsp should be consistent
  • LPS-79288 workflow with timers fail to publish
  • LPS-81106 Update SF to apply commercial copyright for private apps
  • LPS-81201 Add StagedModelRepository
  • LPS-81474 Forms Captcha disappears on IE11
  • LPS-81555 Use enhanced for-loop when iterating over arrays or collections when possible
  • LPS-81562 Workflow log message "Assigned initial task." is not localized
  • LPS-81710 Kaleo Forms Documents and Media Fields Duplicate upon Modification
  • LPS-81845 Incorrect CSS Class Used in Edit Window for Kaleo Workflow Forms Review
  • LPS-83705 Avoid scanning the same paths twice in LiferayPortlet.initValidPaths()
  • LPS-83804 Changing the Recipient Type of Review Notification fails
  • LPS-84108 Calendar Events marked "All Day" do not update with change of Time Zone
  • LPS-84119 SourceFormatter improvements
  • LPS-84232 Cannot change the Recipient Type of Review Completion Notification to Asset Creator
  • LPS-84676 reCaptcha keeps loading when you click on I'm not a robot in IE11
  • LPS-85765 Create a jar that includes all "*-api" portal jars
  • LPS-86408 Set default Java version to 1.8 for OSGi projects
  • LPS-86413 Use Lambda Expression instead of Anonymous Inner Class when possible
  • LPS-87037 Certain ResourceBundle cannot be clearly overriden
  • LPS-87962 Kaleo designer script saved with incorrect format
  • LPS-88053 Recipient Type in Tasks' Notifications of Kaleo Workflow is not consistent with its definition
  • LPS-89362 Cannot choose if a form field is indexable
  • LPS-90220 Kaleo Designer breaks with inclusion of '%' in workflow definition
  • LPS-90362 Cannot configure fields as "Not indexable" in webcontent structures
  • LPS-91149 "Disable" searchable option is reset to "Keyword" after reopening "properties" tab
  • LPS-91343 Integrate portal-tools-java-parser with ServiceBuilder
  • LPS-91388 Workflow designer may incorrectly assign the description of one notification to another if not all notifica...
  • LPS-91420 Integrate portal-tools-java-parser with SourcFormatter
  • LPS-91531 CDATA stripped in description tags for workflows
  • LPS-92222 Error creating form if company doesn't have en_US as available locale
  • LPS-94929 Kaleo Designer removes timer notification type from XML document when changing to view mode
  • LPS-96481 Turn on disabled Source Formatter checks and apply across private repos and subrepos
  • LPS-96792 Forms date field is cleared when there is an empty required date field present
  • LPS-97748 Assigning a workflow task - inactive Site Content Reviewer user included
  • LPS-98228 Repeatable HTML field becomes empty upon reorganization with drag&drop using CKeditor
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