Liferay Forms and Workflow

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Apps and Features: Calendar, Dynamic Data Lists, Dynamic Data Mapping, Forms, Polls, Workflow

An increase in productivity means you're saving time and effort; you’re becoming more efficient. The Forms and Workflow apps help you do that by giving you built-in calendars and the ability to create your own forms and list applications. These are powerful, flexible apps that can be quickly leveraged for basic tasks, or carefully configured and mastered to perfect business processes.

Need a quick survey or complex Sign Up form? Use the Liferay Forms app and make any forms you want. If there's a forms feature you need, this app probably has it.

Maybe you need an entire list application, and you need it today. Dynamic Data Lists lets you do it without any developer expertise.

Do you need personal calendars for your users, and/or site calendars? Do you need the calendar to be highly configurable? Use the Calendar app.

Would you like to initiate a review process when new content, or any new asset, is created? The Kaleo Workflow Engine lets you send any asset through review before it gets published.

Want to quickly get the opinion of your users on something? The Polls app is extremely easy to use.

This suite may contain modules that depend on Foundation suite modules. This suite is available in the Liferay bundle.

Latest Changes
  • LPS-52675 Ensure all Liferay exceptions are processed correctly
  • LPS-61099 As a developer, I would like to split the modules dir in separate repositories and have the ability to buil...
  • LPS-61420 SF Improvements
  • LPS-63382 Migrate jasper integration
  • LPS-64031 Rename app suites
  • LPS-64305 Adding a default field name to Forms field
  • LPS-64713 Make CI tests JDK 8 compatible
  • LPS-65012 Move all private packages inside an "internal" package
  • LPS-65045 Standardize polls-web to new portlet structure
  • LPS-65135 Use Objects.equals(Object, Object) instead of Validator.equals(Object, Object)
  • LPS-65225 Simplify the modules excludes/includes and make it so that we use a marker file
  • LPS-65385 Update SplitPackagesTest to cover all OSGI modules
  • LPS-65810 As a developer, I would like to remove wildcards in Export-Package and explicitly declare the exported pack...
  • LPS-66416 Revert Pootle sync and update German Translations
  • LPS-66721 Add JavaDoc to Kaleo Designer API
  • LPS-66853 SourceFormatter Improvements
  • LPS-67049 Make module unit tests depend on project dependencies
  • LPS-67352 As a developer, I would like the source formatter to integrate checkstyle
  • LPS-68062 For modules, the deprecated version should refer to the module version, not the portal version
  • LPS-68289 Fix CI test failures
  • LPS-68510 Parent Selection screen should be resized when moving a KB asset with a long title
  • LPS-68860 Japanese localization problem - Dynamic Data Mapping Data Provider Web
  • LPS-68892 Form portlet does not display field labels if site language is different from English or user language
  • LPS-69358 Consolidate language keys
  • LPS-69383 Extract Captcha to OSGi module
  • LPS-69506 ArrayStoreException reindexing repeatable numeric values if one of them is empty
  • LPS-69528 Saving form does not redirect user or give confirmation
  • LPS-69661 Stop using ***Util in modules, use service reference directly instead
  • LPS-69730 Improvement to javadoc generated by ServiceBuilder
  • LPS-70411 Add extra information to Assert.assertEquals when checking for size on collection/array/hits
  • LPS-70644 Autoselect a value when there is only one option
  • LPS-70988 Add naming check for Test classes
  • LPS-71004 BND files contain incorrect Web-ContextPath
  • LPS-71142 Slow page load in My Workflow Tasks > Assigned to My Roles when 119 workflow tasks assigned to user
  • LPS-71182 If workflow assigns by Organization Role, and the workflow is applied to a regular site, user with organiza...
  • LPS-71197 Create task timer editor
  • LPS-71314 Importing public pages LAR showing NullPointerException in DXP
  • LPS-71385 Application Display Templates can be created from Page Templates
  • LPS-71387 Click Cancel button will check the required field when creating a New Process
  • LPS-71555 Source formatter: compress import and taglib declarations in simple JSP files without init.jsp
  • LPS-71603 ServiceBuilder incorrectly adds @ProviderType annotation to ServiceImpl's
  • LPS-71686 Deprecate getTrashHandler method
  • LPS-71794 Polls portlet displays configuration page when submitting poll without selecting a choice
  • LPS-71925 Service Builder generates wrong integration tests if a column has "db-name" set
  • LPS-71943 Dynamic Data Lists Display portlet configuration does not retrieve DDMTemplates from Global site
  • LPS-72012 Add a "developer mode" that doesn't require you to upgrade your database for each change
  • LPS-72429 Avoid converting array to list when adding all elements to set
  • LPS-72478 Poll is not accessible after publishing to remote live site
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