Monitoring User Sessions Real-Time

Monitoring User Sessions Real-Time is an application plug Liferay provides a way to monitor users who are logged and users who logout Liferay Portal EE, these features are implemented in Liferay native services. The information is processed by the service in order to store information in log files, a database, or both. The main features are:
+ Real-time monitoring of the number of login and logout using a statistical table.
+ Statistician total number of users in session, total number of registered de session, number of total users offline users.
+ Statistical table of most popular browsers used.
+ Statistical Table of most popular operating systems used.
+ Table of records of user sessions in the portal.
+ Statistical Record total number of sessions per user.
+ Statistical recording the number of users who never accessed the portal.
+ Support responsive desing.
+ Leguajes support: English, German, Spanish, Japanese, Russian and others.

This app installs a Liferay service and will appear in your Application on panel control.

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