Document and Media Tree View

This app enables a tree view for the Document Library and Web Content. The main purpose on this view is to provide authenticated users an easy way to move and organize their content using a tree structure and drag and drop features.

The Document & Media Tree View includes customizations for Document and Media portlet and Web Content portlet. Users can select this view from the drop down menu in top right and they will see the content structure in a tree. For documents and articles, a preview image is showed when mouse goes over the name of the entry, and users can drag an entry, at a time, to move it to another folder.

+ In the portlet for administration of documents (Document and Media), users will see your folders, documents and shortcuts in a tree, each node is identified by its name.
+ In the portlet for administration of Web Contents, users will see folders and web contents in a tree view, each node is identified by its name.
+ In the treeview, users will able to see a preview of each content by moving cursor over entry's name.
+ By clicking in an entry, the user will be taken to the view/edit page of the entry. This feature doesn't apply for folders.

Latest Changes

Bug fix: fixing bug when Liferay is not deployed in the root context of the server.

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