EU Cookie Agreement

This portlet allows the management of banners warning the user about profiling cookies in the website, or by any third part.

This banner will appear to the users at the first access into the page, and has three components:
  • an editable text with the information brief
  • an action to open a pop-up with the text of the full cookies information
  • a button to provide a cookie used to hide the banner.

Configuring the portlet is simple, enter the site of reference and:
1. create a web content with the extended information about cookies
2. create a web content with the message that will appear on the banner
3. click the link Privacy Policy Admin, which will appear in the Control Panel under the Content section and tick the flag to enable the administration of privacy.
4. enter the ID of the web content with extended privacy information in the first field and the ID of the web content with the message on the banner in the second field
5. enter a number in the third field that defines how many days the cookie "hiding bannner" will be valid
6. save

Latest Changes

Converted as Liferay 7 OSGi bundle.
You have to add the following property to

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