Contact Manager

Contact Manager is a plugin which will allow you to easily and efficiently organize your contacts list. Create new contacts, import from other applications, or benefit from Liferay platform users data. Link existing contacts into groups and share them with other users.

With Contact Manager you will organize your notebook and quickly find contact details of the person you need to get in touch with. The plugin has features thanks to which searching through large numbers of entries will be enjoyable and swift.

* Create, edit and delete existing contacts
* Import contacts from external sources
* Add contacts based on Liferay user data
* Use any of the fields that may contain relevant information about the contact
* Mark contacts as 'Favourite'
* Simple navigation and features that facilitate contact moderation (eg., select/mark as favorite)
* Sort your contacts list
* Create and manage contact groups
* Share contacts with other users
* User-friendly interface known from other popular applications of same type

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