Device Based Security

Device based security is a reusable component for Liferay. This component will secure user login as per the devices. Once user will login to portal from some particular device. Portal will store user’s IP address as device identity. Next time if user will login through some other device/Network. User will be asked to answer security question/answer. When user will login for the first time, portal will ask 3 different security questions and will store the answers to database.

For add security question of your choice, You can add question in file of the portlet. Change value of following 3 property. For adding localization, whatever question you will add to property file, Portal will try to find it’s localize value in file. So after adding question, please add it’s localized value to language file.


I am keeping the src and service lib with the war, that would be helpful for further development anyone require.

This component is dedicated to P.R.S.

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