The Events portlet application allows the portal users with access to create events and invite people via email. The events can be public (attendees can register themselves) or private (by invitation only). The invitees do not need to be users in the portal. A guest user visiting the events page can view the upcoming public events and register for them.

The Events applications is composed of two components or portlets.
+ Events Management: this portlet is used by portal users to create / edit events and manage their attendees.
+ Events Display: This portlet allows the guests and logged in users to view the upcoming public events and register for them.

+ Create private (by invitation only) or public events.
+ Link events to Liferay Calendar's Events.
+ Ability to choose Liferay's Calendar to add the event to.
+ Ability to add participants to events by loading a CSV file or manually one at a time through dynamic form.
+ Ability to inform the participants about events by sending an email invitation to them.
+ Ability to accept/reject an invitation through one click from invitation email.
+ Ability to check the attendance status of all invited participants.
+ Ability to easily add or delete participants to an event.
+ Ability to send notifications by email for changes such as addition of new participant(s), event detail updates and deletion of participant.
+ Ability to customize notification templates through UI.
+ Ability to send reminders to all attendees.

Latest Changes

New feature: Help page.

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