Props 'n' Prefs

Initially developed for Liferay 6.0 in 2011, Props 'n' Prefs is now available from the Liferay Marketplace !

This application allows to search and view system properties, portal properties, portal preferences and server preferences. It also allows to delete portal preferences or server preferences.

These portlets are similar to the "Properties" tab in the "Server Administration" native entry of the Control Panel, but in addition they provide these features:

  • search both in keys and values,
  • view full content in popup window for keys or values longer than 80 characters,
  • in addition to properties support, preferences support (both at portal level and server level, in two distinct entries in Control Panel),
  • reset all portal preferences or server preferences, in one click.

NOTE: you can download a version compatible with Liferay 6.0 from

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