Liferay Resources Importer

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  • Labs: This app is experimental and not supported by the developer.

The Resources Importer app allows front-end developers to package web content, portlet configurations, and layouts together in a theme without saving it as a compiled .LAR file thereby allowing for greater flexibility in its usage between Liferay Portal versions. This app will automatically create associated content when other plugins are deployed that are configured to make use of the Resource Importer app.

This app installs as a Liferay service.

Latest Changes
  • LPS-52760 Add Gradle Wrapper to SDK
  • LPS-54241 Resource Importer can't detect TemplateLanguage for ApplicationDisplayTemplates and always imports them as ...
  • LPS-54576 Templates Importer imports Freemarker templates as Velocity Templates
  • LPS-55202 Deploying a hook which will be undeployed immediately causes NPE when Resource Importer is already deployed
  • LPS-56930 Resource importer throws NPE on missing
  • LPS-57090 Importing a resource delete pages of the current site
  • LPS-60723 Resources are not being reindexed when imported through the resource-importer portlet

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