Liferay Kaleo Forms

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This app adds the visual forms and Kaleo Workflow Designer feature to Liferay's existing Kaleo Workflow engine. The Kaleo Workflow Designer helps streamline the creation of workflow definitions and empower more users to create custom workflows. There are two pieces to the workflow designer Kaleo Forms is an extension of the Dynamic Data Lists feature. This enables you to create web forms and basic applications, and then apply a workflow to govern the processing of those forms. Kaleo Designer is a drag and drop interface for creating new workflow definitions. It can be used in conjunction with Kaleo Forms or standalone to create workflow definitions without having to write XML.

This app will appear in your Application menu once installed.

To ensure the best quality of this product, please install the latest fix packs.

Latest Changes
  • LPS-39086 New feature - Allow variables to be used in the notification subject line of Kaleo workflow definitions (so...
  • LPS-54261 Blogs Workflow - Exceptions thrown when Submitting for Publication
  • LPS-56153 Wrong profile pictures in workflow notifications
  • LPS-68464 Setting false to the connector in Workflow fails
  • LPS-73776 Clicking on notification should redirect to the page where kaleo form is

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